How To Throw a Baby Shower in Limited Budget

How To Throw a Baby Shower in Limited Budget?

“9 months forecast then a ‘shower’ followed by a sunny baby.” – Barretto

A new baby in family is the beginning of the dream of possibilities, hope and wonder, isn’t it? If a new arrival is coming to someone dear to you, perhaps you want to throw an amazing baby shower for her little one to be. I know cost is one of the most important concerns. But don’t worry, there are many ways to celebrate the joyful moments without hurting your budget. Once you have selected the theme, it’s time to go for a party.

Here are some amazing ways that will help you in celebrating the maximum under budget.

Team up

It is always better to have multiple hosts rather than doing it all alone. It is advisable to host a party with related friends. The idea will not only help in saving money but also split the workload and increase the fun. A manageable workload and planning more fun are the keys to a successful baby shower.

Create your own invitations

It is very easy today to invite your dear ones or friends via email (unless your grandpa, who doesn’t know how to operate a computer). There are many online tools like Canva through which you can create baby shower invitation cards by your own with ease and mail them out. There is also options for customizing and taking prints of your design. This way, you don’t need to pay for designing your invitation.

Cook your own delicious food

Hiring a catering team for the function can double or even triple your budget. It is better to cook food yourself. Yes, it takes more effort and work but it will help you in saving a TON. Make a list of food that is not only easy to cook but also favorite to all and usually cost-friendly.

Decorate with things that you already have

The decoration is one of the areas where you could spend hundreds of dollars and still desire to buy more. Buying new decorative items is no doubt going to be very expensive. Therefore, it is better to craft the decorations yourself. You can easily craft your own DIY tassels, diaper bouquets, pom poms, and garlands. You can also use balloons and ribbons to make the room more decorative. Pinterest is a great place to get DIY decoration ideas.

Create your own games

Organizing games is another region that could blow your budget. If you are running low budget, don’t waste money on buying papers or special cards for games. You just need to spend a little time on the Internet and you will find tons of free and fun games. It is advisable to keep the baby shower game simple and nice such as candy bar guessing game, guessing west size using ribbon etc.

Celebrate at home

You would save a lot of money if you are going to celebrate the function at someone’s home – may be at your friend’s or relative’s home. Fancy restaurants or hotels cost you a lot. Choose a location which is in center to everyone and organize function there.

Invite guests at tea-time

Choosing a time between 3 pm to 5 pm is considered as the best time for throwing the party. Being tea-time, you can save a lot of food. You just need to serve some snacks and sweets. You can also include drinks.

Borrow items from friends and relatives

Never hesitate in burrowing goods and items from your friends and relatives for the baby shower. Mix stuff with multiple colors to  make the room more attractive and trendy.

Buy flowers in wholesale

Buy flowers in wholesale from market or contact farmers directly. It would keep your budget stable. You can buy blooms and make garlands and floral arrangements at home. Using paper flowers is also an amazing idea. It is reusable and you can use them at other functions too.

Don’t hire professional DJ’s

If you are on tight budget, instead of hiring DJs, you can download party tracks and play them on a laptop and other players.

Celebrating the welcome of a new life is sweet fun. So, celebrate the moment with a lot of fun and entertainment without burning a hole in your pocket with the mentioned tips.

Share your thoughts and ideas on how you can celebrate baby shower in a limited budget.

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