How to straighten hair with blow dryer

How to Straighten Hair with Blow Dryer

If you have frizzy or curly hair, you may want to try straight hair for variety or if you think it suits a particular purpose or occasion. Turning your hair into a sleek and silky straight hair is not impossible as long as you are patient enough to endure the whole process.

All that you need are the right tools and hair products to help maintain the style as well as to protect it from the heat.

This process may take some time so make sure that you either have someone to blow dry your hair or you have the arms for it.

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How To Straighten Hair With A Blow Dryer

Tools and Materials

The first thing that you would need are the proper tools. The more curly your natural hair is, the higher should be the heat setting so you need to find a blow dryer that can withstand a lot of use in the highest setting. Aside from that, you will also need the following:

  • Heat protectant, serum, hair butter, or leave-on conditioner. These are recommended especially for thick curly hair as they help to retain moisture, protect it from the heat and give off shine. If, however, your hair is more on the fine and thinner side, you may want to stay away from heavy or thick hair products as it will weigh your hair down and it will look greasy rather than shiny.
  • Large hair brush or a comb attachment for hair dryer.
  • Wide-toothed comb for detangling.
  • Clips or hair ties to hold several portions of your hair.


So now that you have all the materials that you need, you are ready to style your hair straight.

  • Partially dry your hair. First, you need damp hair as dry hair will be a lot more damaged if you this procedure. If you have just washed your hair, try to absorb as much water as you can from it by squeezing the hair with the towel. Never rub your hair as this will result to damaged cuticles and frizzy hair. Next, try to eliminate more moisture from your hair by blow drying it using your fingers to part your hair. Aim for a more damp but not wet hair. You can use a lower heat setting for this as you only need to remove excess water. This will also help cut down the time you need to dry your hair and avoid using too much heat on your tresses.
  • Detangle and divide. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. This will make it easier for you to use your brush in drying your hair. After this, divide your hair into several portions. Use a clip or a hair tie to hold the portions together. Leave the lower segments untied as you will start to blow dry your hair from that part.
  • Blow-dry. Put a segment of your hair over the hairbrush near the roots of the hair. Make sure that it has a good grasp of the brush as it will help you pull your hair downwards into a straight style. You need to hold your hair straight as heat passes through it so that the hydrogen bonds of your hair will retain this style afterwards. Repeat this process with the other segments of your hair until it is dry. If you are using a comb attachment, then you will simply need to comb through your hair using the attachment. The downside to this is that it will take more time and you will also need to pull segments of your hair downwards using your fingers which can add to the oiliness of your hair.

The secret to getting straight hair by using a blow dryer for naturally curly hair is the amount of tension that you use to get your hair straight. As water evaporates from the hair, the hydrogen bonds are destroyed and rearranged into the current style that you are holding your hair in.

You also need to remember to blow dry your hair downwards as that is the direction of the cuticles and it helps seal the cuticles down. This is why your hair looks so shiny after your hair drying session because cuticles that lie flat are able to reflect light.

But you also have to remember that your hair can be damaged by applying too much heat so make sure that you only do this at least once a week if you don’t have any heat protectant on your hair and twice a week if you do.

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  1. Okay my question is regarding me and my hair it is thin straight and dont forget the greys. How can I make it thicker or look heavier or full of life and not have to dye the greys away every 2 months

    • I’m wondering what I did to my hair to make it thicker @nics82 – I often wonder. As a child my hair was so thin I had to be careful what hairbands I used to tie my hair with or my hair would literally just break.

      Now as an adult I have really thick hair. I did cut it very short once and I am sure it grew out thicker after that.

      Hmm the greys. I have some greys but my hair is still blonde- ish so it is not so noticeable as if my hair had been darker.

      I will try and find something for you and post about it @nics82 – those will be really awesome topics.

      • Please try remeber lol I have grown my hair I have cut it extremley short where nearly shaven lol and still dead straight fine hair

  2. My sister straightened my hair with a blow dryer for our first photo shoot with my then newborn. I have to say that it works much better and quicker for my hair than using a normal straightener, as I have very thick hair. I was wonderfully surprised.

    • I don’t like using those straightening irons to be honest @kymmie31 🙂 I much prefer to blow dry my hair as I think it looks much more natural and pretty!

  3. @lynne wow nice i also blow out my hair but it still curl some peaces so i use the hair burners LOL straigtner but im also one with such thin hair my hair loss is also so bad so when i blow its like its falling out more i have a combination of lennens product in my shampoo sofar it doea reduce my hair fall.

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