How To Replace A Social Security Card

Losing your social security card is not something you expect, and so applying for a replacement social security card is likewise unexpected. In fact, chances are you’ve never had to apply for one before. Even if you have been unfortunate enough to have lost your card in the past, finding the most convenient way of getting a new card is useful. Luckily, it can be as easy as answer a handful of simple questions.

Use Assisted Online Filing

If you want to get your card back in the fastest time possible, your application needs to be accurate. Small mistakes on your form can result in a significantly longer wait time for your replacement card. An assisted online filing service makes avoiding errors easy—explaining every step, so mistakes are much less frequent. For anyone asking, “how to replace my social security card,” online filing is your best bet. How do they make it so simple?

Find The Card You Need

The application process begins with selecting the SS-5 form and choosing the type of card you need. What will follow is a series of questions that are explained in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Many assisted online applications will actually check your selection to make sure it is correct. This is just one of the layers of protection against errors.

Ask Any Questions

At this stage, you might have questions relating to your form. As social security forms can be complicated, you need to make sure that everything on yours is correct. It is always better to make sure you are doing it right, rather than having it returned without your replacement card.

Assisted online filing services usually have a few customer service lines that you can use. For the pressing queries, you can often call or use live chat. Anything else can typically be sent via email, and the response will still be fast.

Fill Out The Questionnaire

When you are ready, you can fill out the simple questionnaire. Again, all the questions are explained in a way that is much simpler than using the social security administration’s online service. Assisted online filing services even format your application for you once all the questions are complete which gives your application the best chance of approval.


The next stage is payment. You will find this stage to be easy to complete, and all major forms are catered for.

Make Sure You Have The Right Documents

Depending on the application you are submitting, you will need to send certain documents in order to back up your request. Of course, this is also made easy by assisted online filing services. There is an easy-to-understand guide on what documents you need for every type of application. Once again, the emphasis is on getting it right the first time.

Send Your Application

Thankfully, you don’t need to wait at the social security office to submit your application. You can send it at your convenience with all the relevant documents online. As you can see, in terms of avoiding mistakes and convenience, assisted online filing is the best option for replacing your lost social security card.

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