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How To Make Your Toddler Learn New Things At Home

If you thought that dealing with kids these days is an easy task, you’re nowhere near reality, my friend! It’s time to step out from la-la-land and face the truth. Although there was a time, not very long ago, our homes used to be the ultimate kingdom for children to learn and adapt to new things, but growing and grooming altogether has many challenges these days. There are so many gadgets, educational toys, and the never-ending YouTube channels, which takes learning to another level. With higher technology comes responsibilities, i.e., challenges. The world of tech trending these days has beaten all the traditional efforts and made early learning at home a question. However, at the same time, there are several ways to handle kids and to make them learn new and different skills.

We all know that the process of learning is a never-ending process, so try to make your child develop a habit of reading and engaging in constructive activities daily.

Tabula-Rasa, a term coined by John Locke very rightly suggests that children are born with a blank mind, referring to a blank slate, in which there is a temple of space to fill with vast knowledge. Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development suggests that children can learn multiple languages by the age of two. Though it is not easy for a child to learn a new skill, it is not impossible either.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips that will help you and your child to learn new skills and make him motivated and excited about it. Once you get a grip on these tips, it won’t be a big deal for you to let your child learn exemplary.

How To Make Your Toddler Learn New Things At Home

An Atmosphere For Learning

You must have heard it before that your atmosphere and environment are the driving source. If your atmosphere or environment is dull, it will make you sluggish, sleepy and inactive. If you want your toddler to create a habit of reading, then it is imperative to develop an atmosphere around him that motivates him to start learning and reading. This habit of reading and learning does not only helps in increasing the vocabulary of your child at an early age but it will also develop his brain to understand concepts and enhanced communication skills. You can start by reading for 20 minutes a day and also share stories during bedtime, and it will have an impact on his listening power and imagination.

Let The Explore

If you want your child to be more active physically and mentally both, then let him explore the world. Once he starts exploring himself, he will begin learning new things from the environment and observation. Although, exploring the world does not mean that let him go for a baby’s day out, it suggests to play around in the garden, backyard, or lounge. By doing so, your child will develop a habit of doing things by himself, and he will learn so many new things at his home on his own.

Playtime Should Be Fun

It is one of the most natural ways to get your toddler to learn new skills at this age by making his leisure time, equally entertaining and educational. You can use shapes, colors, and sizes to give him a basic concept of shades and calculation, etc. By opting for this method, your child will learn easily.

You can also take him on a trip to the zoo to let him experience the wild and different animals or a trip to the play-stores to have a know-how about certain educational toys.

Focal Point Of Your Child’s Interest

Sometimes as a parent, we want our child to learn everything at a young age, but we need to understand that not everything is possible in a knack of time. Hence, it is better to work on their interests and strengths, as they will learn these skills more efficiently and quickly. If you continuously force them to work on something that is not their cup of tea, they might stop taking part in other activities too or be a rebel.

Reading A Book

Use Different Learning Styles

Sometimes following the same old pattern doesn’t gauge the interest of your child, hence by sharing new and innovative styles, you can sustain the attention of your child, and he will also take part in learning actively.

There are various learning methods followed worldwide to develop a child’s interest in learning new things because if the purpose of your learning is not practical, then probably, all your efforts will go in vain. There are few learning methods known as are visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, or social. One of the most effective ways for a toddler is visual as they tend to adapt more easily and quickly by watching how things work.

Learning With Games

It is such a fantastic way to introduce your kids with games and learning from them at the same time. Your toddler will learn new skills more easily, like choosing games that will not only provide entertainment but also teach them new skills. Because game-based learning makes the child more active and enthusiastic about learning new things, and he loves to take part in such activities happily.


We all know that making your child learn new things is not so simple as it sounds, but a strong determination can do wonders for you and your child. If you want your child to excel in his life, then you should assist in developing his habit of learning new things at home because a house is the first learning place for any child.

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