How to make camping fun with kids

How To Make Camping Fun With Kids

Camping with your kids is an extraordinary opportunity for your kids to have a great outdoors experience. Aside from having a great time, kids get the chance to take to spend considerable time getting acquainted with the outdoor environment. Unfortunately, not all parents consider it to be a smart decision since they assume that their children may get harmed somehow in outdoor surroundings, but that’s simply not true.

How To Make Camping Fun With Kids


When outside camping alongside with you there are so many incredible ways camping benefits your family. Your kids get the opportunity to learn new things and to experience a new environment, things that are just not possible staying indoors at home. Camping has lot of advantages for children that incorporates improvement of social aptitudes, figuring out how to manage more freedom and how to take responsibility for themselves, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

One disadvantage is that a campground is not home where you can be a 100% sure beyond any doubt your children are sheltered and safe in house. Fortunately, you are not required to do a great deal to make camping safe for kids.

In this post we have tried to sum up with some of the best ways to always make camping with children fun.

Camping fun with kids

Step by step instructions to camp with children for having fun

  1. Give them a chance to help you plan the camping trip

Your children will appreciate camping more in the event that they know they have contributed to the fun trip for themselves. so give them the opportunity to pitch in with ideas. Give them a chance to pick their most loved campground, as well as activities and different games to play for having fun. Give them a chance to pick their favorite food items to take to the camp. In the event that you let them do this, they will probably be more responsible for other things once you reach the campground.

Eating well while camping with kids

  1. Pick the correct food.

Children will need good nourishment regardless of where they are, so make sure you have packed healthy food that is also appealing. Make sure that you have incorporated their most loved foods in your camping item list while bearing in mind that they have to eat soundly. You can include some of the solid snacks, organic products, fruit, vegetables, protein and drinks. There are fantastic ways to include healthy foods in your braai salad recipes. Don’t pack too much food, keep in mind that you need to travel and store everything that you take. In addition to that if you are taking a little bit of a hike or walk to reach your camping destination your snack pack should be light to carry.

  1. Buy the best outdoor grill for camping

No food is less demanding to plan than barbecued and grilled food on a camping trip. Furthermore, kids love barbecued food. There are a large number of outdoor and portable grills available on the  market, yet not all will fulfill your needs. I would suggest that you go for propane gas based barbecues which are easy to carry and clean for adventure trips. Search for a barbecue that is versatile, adaptable, and high caliber. Concentrate on tough, durable components since you will most likely need it again in future for next trips and not just for one time use.

Best outdoor grill for camping

  1. Pack wisely

Before packing, have a look of what you believe is essential for the trip. You can streamline the packing by taking out what is less important. Pack the correct dress for all climates just in case, have a medical aid toolbox and above all, have crisis gear and some essential camping gadgets with you in your bag, for example, a blade, rope, conduit tape and the sky is the limit from there to go and have fun. Once you’ve chosen all that you require, let your children help with packing the stuff together.

  1. Let them take part in camping activities

Your kids will understand the significance of camping only if you don’t treat them like kids all the time. Give them a chance to comprehend the difference between camping and remaining at home and playing in the room by including them in camping decisions. For instance, you can let them help to pick the area to pitch the tent. You can likewise urge them to set up an open air fire zone, wash dishes, help with cooking and pitch in with many more essential things that need to be done. Make sure that everybody in the camp has some responsibilities to be in charge of.

Kids camping tent

  1. Let everybody enjoy the adventure trip

Camping makes no difference to your children in the event that you don’t give them a chance to look forward to new places, see wild creatures and plants. Enable them to pick somewhere in the range of couple of things they find intriguing on their way to the campground. You can likewise attempt to draw them in for the sake of entertainment filled recreations, for example, find the place in the woods, particularly at dim place to show them not to fear darkness. Yet, guarantee that you combine every youngster with a grown-up to decrease the dangers of getting lost. You can show them how to follow their area back to the campground utilizing an altimeter watch and other tech gear.

  1. Keep the kids busy at all times

Children will need to play regardless of where they are. Attempt to make it fun and think of games that you can all play. The sky is the limit to the things you can do to keep occupied and entertained while camping.

You can even take some mini drones and best foldable drones & quadcopters with you on trip to fly with your kids and have fun. You can also organize mini drone races keep your kids happy and occupied with fun activities all the time.

For playing together with your kids you can include some playing cards, chess, frisbees, nerf football, air pockets and that’s just the beginning. Point being, you don’t need them leaving your campground looking for entertainment.

  1. Invite the young parents to go along with you

Children are more satisfied and happy when they are with children their same age rather than being alone with their parents all the time. So you can convince another family with youngsters to go camping with you so that both your children can play together while you enjoy some adult time with their parents together and cherish some old memories with them.


Regardless of how great and adventure packed you need your camping outing to be, children are still children.

Remember that children need to be kept safe at all times so they must know the limitations that you have set for them to keep them safe when there is not an adult present.

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  1. Lynne this is my type of posts…

    I love camping and most of all my whole family and family inlaw likes camping. My soon to be wife likes to camp so im in my happy place with my wife camping.

    So we did not camp now for a while due to the fact of our boy being to small and now thats his bigger after the winter we will be camping alot again.

    Its so good for your soul the fresh air, moon light and the rest (good night sleep) you get camping.

    Most important as a family its the best family time away from tecnology like tv and cellphones. Memories as a family camping together makes alot more sence to me then going to a club or something.

    Lekker Braai around the camp making fire braai marsh mellows have fun and just talk to each spend qaulity time…

    I love camping and best way to relax is to go camp. Thank you for sharing this nice post.

  2. My hubby and I love camping! We last went about 2 years before our little one was born. She is 4 now so it has been ages! Cannot wait to take her camping, im sure she is going to absolutely love it!!

  3. We love camping in remote places. My husband has a Unimog motorhome. We have been to Lesotho, Botswana, Namaqua land and many more places.

    We took a break when I was pregnant and for our little girls first year as we love remote places and it’s just not safe to be that far from civilization when pregnant or with a baby.

    December my little one turned 1 and we were decided to try out camping again in the Waterberg Nature Reserve. What an awesome experience! She did amazing and loved the outdoors, playing in sand and mud, going on walks etc. Just goes to show how kids can pleasantly surprise us in different situations.

  4. I had a very very busy little boy, and when the grandparents decided we have to camp with them, I already foreseen a running event for me. And so it was. I didn’t have five minutes to sit still. He ran all over the place just to see if he could perhaps get near the river. There were a lot of older people on the camping site and they thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. Needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of the trip. And my husband’s statement didn’t help at all when he said: “It was such a relaxing time. I love camping!”

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