How to Introduce your cat to your new baby

How to Introduce Your Cat To Your New Baby

Mothers to be frequently visit shelters in tears with their cats in tow after being advised by family members and obstetricians that cats are not great for pregnancy or a new baby.

It is very easy to succumb to these claims if you are not aware of all the facts. Knowing all facts relating to cats living in the same house with babies will enable you to make the right choice for you, your baby and your pet.

Can you keep your pet?

One of the greatest fears that pregnant women who keep cats have is the toxoplasmosis parasitic infection that infects cats. The infection affects cats that eat mice, birds, contaminated soil or raw meat.

The toxoplasmosis cysts are very dangerous to a pregnant woman.

Coming in contact with the cysts can cause still birth, miscarriage and birth defects such as blindness, epilepsy, deafness and hydrocephalus. Expectant women therefore often choose to place their cats in shelters in order to avoid this infection. However, it is possible to prevent the infection and still keep your cat.

You can try to keep your cat remains throughout your pregnancy to prevent them from feeding on anything that might make them susceptible to the infection.

Installing a cat door is a great idea to be safe. Cat doors really help to keep your cats on a different route.

It also helps to avoid gardening with unprotected hands since the infection is mostly found in cat feces which are can occasionally be found in your garden since cats use gardens as litter boxes. Wear gloves and wash your hands after gardening.

Avoid cleaning any cat litter yourself, this is a great time to get someone else to clean the cat litter. If you can’t avoid cleaning cat litter wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

There are a few things you can do that can help you introduce your cat to a new baby in an easy and smooth manner.4

Getting your cat ready for the new baby

Trimming of your Cat’s Nails

First and foremost, it is very important to get your cat accustomed to occasional trimming of nails. This should be started long before you have the baby in order to make it even easier when the baby arrives.

Get A Scratching Post

Also, make sure that you are getting the best cat scratching post which will give your cat a great place to scratch (ie not near the baby or the furniture)

Get your Cat used to other Babies

It also helps to invite friends with babies into your home occasionally. This makes the cat accustomed to infants and also enables you to analyse your pet’s interaction with the children.

Use A Baby Doll

A baby doll also helps in getting your cats used to a baby’s presence. Treat the doll as you would the new born baby in order to enable your pet to notice a difference in the time you spend with him or her and your restrictions on places they are allowed to sit or play in.

Make the Baby Room Inaccessible

In order to keep your pet out of your baby’s room, it might help to place a barrier in the room which enables the cat to know the area is out of bounds for them.

Get Your Cat Used to Baby Noises

You should also get your cat accustomed to different baby noises. A good way to do this is to get different recordings of baby sounds and play them in the house.

Get Your Cat Used to Baby Smells

Applying baby powder and baby oil to your skin will also help your cat get familiar with baby scent which makes it easier when the baby arrives.

When your baby is born, get someone to take one of your baby’s clothing items home with your baby’s smell on it for your cat to get accustomed to your baby’s smell.

Get Your Cat Used to the Baby’s Name

Start using the baby’s name often around the pet. This will get them accustomed to the fact that there is a new addition to the family.

Keeping the cat off furniture

Keeping cats off furniture can be a nightmare, but here’s a trick that you can try. Cats don’t like having sticky paws. Using double stick tape can also come in handy to keep your cat off the baby’s furniture.

Applying the tape on the baby’s crib makes it too uncomfortable for the cat thereby keeping them off the furniture. Your cat will quickly learn which items of furniture are out of bounds.

Take Your Cat to The Vet

It is also very important to take your cat for a vet examination. This enables them to be treated for any condition in order to ensure they are safe to have around your baby.

How to Introduce your Cat to Your New Baby

You’ve done all the preparation for getting your cat ready for the new baby, but actually introducing your cat to your baby needs to be dealt with carefully.

If you have been at the hospital for a few days your cat may have missed you. In the past when you have been gone chances are the first thing on arriving back home your cat got attention immediately and fussed over.

When you arrive home, get someone to take your new baby to another room so you can give your cat the attention and love he is used to one on one.

Afterwards take your pet with you to sit with you while you hold your baby. Reward your cat for appropriate behaviour with treats or a cuddle.

Remember to always supervise your cat and baby’s interactions closely.

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  1. Not really a cat person but introduced my baby to our 2 dogs…
    The one didnt show any interest but the male dog did. He smelled her and barked.
    He was jealous i must say.
    They are used to getting all the attention and now not so much anymore.

  2. personal opinion i do not like cats

    • By that ment i wont have cats i like them in a way when its someone else’s cat.

    • Heard a story who can tell me is it true they say cats scratch open a babies soft spot on his head and eat the brains os it old tales or just someone being stupid. Dont get me wrong when i say dont like cats i mean to have one of my own i love all animals but ill just have my 2 dogs as pets.

    • Heard a story who can tell me is it true they say cats scratch open a babies soft spot on his head and eat the brains os it old tales or just someone being stupid. Dont get me wrong when i say dont like cats i mean to have one of my own i love all animals but ill just have my 2 dogs as pets

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