How to Improve Female Posture: Tips and Exercises

Correct posture improves women’s health

Assuming wrong postures inevitably puts a damper on one’s health, and in women this failure to keep the back straight can result in more unpleasant things than the lack of elegance. As far as health is concerned, few things have quite as measurable effect on your wellbeing as good posture. Let us explore why exactly.

Maintaining an incorrect posture of the dorsal part of the body that has become a bad habit stresses the muscle system. Back and neck pain, or problems in the musculoskeletal system are one of the most common causes of sick leave. Three out of ten women have back pain and one in ten takes sick leave for back problems regularly. But there are solutions.

Back problems have also crept down with age – young women have more problems already in their teens. All back pain always has a postural origin. If the spine is healthy and you move correctly, there will be no negative consequences. On the contrary, bad posture on the sofa or in front of the computer may become the first cause of postural imbalances and consequent pathologies of the spine for women of different ages.

Female posture is affected throughout the life: in puberty, the increasing weight of the bust and incorrectly chosen bras can cause the first postural trouble. During pregnancy, back pain is a common discomfort. The women most at risk of back pain are mothers-to-be with overweight or posture problems before pregnancy.

Luckily, there is help for women in different stages of their life. Corrective underwear, exercising and several lifestyle changes go a very long way to help you avoid discomfort, pain and setbacks due to incorrect posture.

Postural corrector as the first-line aid

Postural correctors are sometimes a necessary solution to quickly remedy back problems and poor posture. Women have one solution on men, and this is a posture corrector bra. The posture bra is also a type of posture corrector but designed to fit the female body perfectly. It distributes the weight of the bust and keeps the back in a correct position, with benefits for the whole back and posture in general. This kind of corrector, if worn consistently, after consulting a specialist, helps to straighten the shoulders, to avoid the so-called arching of the back, modifying the posture and making it more correct and straight.

The postural bra is designed to offer greater support to your breasts while reducing stress on the shoulders, neck and back. It improves posture thanks to a band, and wide comfortable shoulder straps provide support and relieve tension in the back. A postural corrector bra ensures that the weight of the breast is evenly distributed.

Those who wear postural bras find it easier to maintain correct posture without feeling weighed down by the bust. The best posture bra come in a variety of designs and models, and also helps to improve the aesthetical form of your body by lifting up the bust and rending it a rounder shape.

They do not work miracles and, often, in the face of pathologies such as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis it is necessary to see a specialist, but if used correctly following the advice of an expert, they are an aid that should not be underestimated.

Woman bad posture

Other tips to improve posture

  • Become aware of your body and check your posture regularly
  • Train and strengthen balance with static, dynamic and proprioceptive exercises
  • Improve your reflexes and dynamic movements in space
  • Use specific static postures to allow the brain to memorize the correct position to assume
  • Do stretching and pulling exercises
  • Strengthen the muscles of the core (lumbar abdominal corset) and all other muscle groups
  • Breathe correctly, deeply and fully
  • Place and support your body weight on both feet
  • Wear comfortable shoes that are able to properly support the arch of the foot and feature plantar support
  • Adjust items to the right height both at home and in the workplace
  • Choose ergonomic chairs that support you properly
  • Do not sit or stand still in the same position for long
  • Assume a correct posture even in moments of relaxation and during sleep
  • Use mattresses and pillows that help you maintain good posture and relieve and release tension in the spine.

Good posture when walking and sitting

Postural corrector bras and other products help to bring out femininity, elegance and confidence, and one should never underestimate the importance of those factors that build up female beauty. To have a posture that enhances the shapes of our body and makes us sensual, you should pay attention to the position of certain parts of the body: back, legs, chest, arms and glutes. And finding the right posture when sitting is just as important as walking posture for supporting the health of your back.

When sitting, avoid hunchbacks and curling up your spine. Don’t keep your back crooked and your shoulders hunched down. It is important to keep your back straight, your arms relaxed, either along your body or resting on the armrests of the chair, your shoulders low and not curved, and your chin slightly up.

Would you like to learn some physical exercises to train your muscles for helping you hold your back upright and ooze confidence? Read the section below.

Posture while sitting

Simple exercises benefitting female posture

The cat: Sit down on a chair making sure you do not lean on the backrest with both your palms resting on your knees. Inhale for 3 seconds and inflate your belly to push out with your chest as far forward as you can, extending your spine and opening your shoulder. You should imagine an invisible thread above your head that is there to pull you up, look forward and keep your chin down. Exhale and deflate your belly for 5 seconds while pushing the chin towards your chest, and your shoulders forward alongside with the tailbone and lower back towards the backrest.

Shoulder opening in a static position: rest your back against the seat of the chair. Grab the backrest on the sides with both hands. Break off your upper back, push your chest forward, bring your shoulder blades together and pull your shoulders away from your ears. Stay straight and still in this position, focus on your belly and diaphragmatic breathing. Relax the tension in the shoulders and neck. Inhale for 2 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds.

Stretching in prayer: bring yourself seated and place another chair of the same height in front of you, hold it one foot away. Bend torso forward, join your palms together and rest your elbows on the top of the back of the chair forward. Put your head in your arms and push your hands back. Stay in position and focus on your breathing.

Static wall exercise: take two light books rolled towels of the same thickness. Bring your head and back against a wall with your heels. Place the books under your elbows, fold your arms and bring your hands towards your head. Relax your shoulder and neck muscles. Stay in position and focus on your breathing.

Raise of arms up towards the wall: take a towel, hold it in your hands that remain shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms and tension the towel fabric. In an upright position, bring yourself with the heels, hips and shoulders to the wall, all while keeping your head away from the wall. Inhale and raise your arms up until the back of your hands touch the wall or where you can. Exhale and lower your arms. Repeat.

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