How to get your child to eat vegetables

How To Get Your Child To Eat Vegetables

The importance of healthy eating is well-known. Responsible mothers do their best in choosing and preparing healthy foods and drinks for their children, because a healthy lifestyle is critical for their well-being and general health. Healthy food choices may however not seem to be that pleasant for most kids. Healthy food could seem to be rather bland and tasteless, and moms need to be a bit creative in order to avoid having kids refuse to eat healthy food, such as vegetables. They could also just be picky eaters going through a stage.

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How To Get Your Child To Eat Vegetables

Even though we all know how healthy vegetables are, we may be forced to make our children eat them as they may not be that inclined to do so out of their own free will. It could either be because they do not like the green color, or maybe because of the taste.

Regardless of the reason, your goal should be to ensure that your kids take the right amount of vegetables in their diet as they need the nutrients and vitamins found in them. Apart from making sure to set an example by eating vegetables ourselves, we also need to make them like them. How can you do this?

First of all, get them involved in food preparation. When they spend time preparing a meal or snack with you they are going to attribute that food with fun-time in preparing it, and so they are going to be much more likely to eat it. So take them shopping for vegetables with you, and assign them a task, such as washing the vegetables, or if they are older, peeling and chopping.

Once all the vegetables are ready, you can then come up with a cool way to decorate the plate or dish. From using cauliflower or broccoli flowerets as trees or flowers, or peas or carrots as eyes, there are a myriad of ways how to make your kids decorate with vegetables or get artistic with them. Chances are that meal time will be fun all the way through, and they will be inclined to gobble all the veggies up without much ado.

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  1. This is a way to go like decorating the plate my little boy eat his veggies since 4 and a half months old and his eating all his veggies and i have sofar given him everything just not beet and beans thats coming still i give one veggie for 5 days to elliminate allergies and get use to the taste he likes sweet patato the most i think its sweeter then the other veggies as i do not add any sugars and salts.

  2. My son don’t like veggies at all but he do eat raw carrots but if I cook it or mix with something he will refuse to eat it he also like beans and beetroot other vegetables he don’t even want to taste it

  3. My son enjoys all the vaggies,he eat what we eat,atleast now he can eat by himself ,before i usually force him to eat food,but now his growing and eat alot.

  4. I have this debate with my child constantly about veggies, she loves her fruit, but veggies. I really don’t know what they did to her 🙂 As a baby she ate anything and everything!! As she has gotten older she’s become a little more fussy. I mean, what child doesn’t like pizza????? Right??? Well, mine!! lol I know its probably a good thing as she definitely prefers having some ham, sliced tomatoes and some AVO!! (I know right??) She really blows my mind sometimes 😛 but back to veggies, I’ve managed to get her to eat corn and peas, but that’s it. My favourite of all time is Butternut, I love it. Mixed with a bit of butter i could eat it every day 🙂 I’ve tried, I’ve fought, bribed, begged her just to taste it, as I know once she tastes it she will love it. My child’s response….. Its ORANGE Mommy LOL how do you reason with that haha
    If its orange, she just wont eat it….. I’ve given up, really I have, because honestly, how in the world do you argue the point that its orange!!!! #lovemycrazybaby

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Actually that sounds like my husband – he insists that any food that is orange makes him feel sick LOL. Go figure right?

  5. This is great tips my kids don’t like to eat their vegetables they would put it aside

  6. Veggies are a nightmare for my kids but I’ll try harder to make them eat them

  7. These are great tips although I think its to late for me lol… My daughter is 9 and getting her to eat veggies is like asking the lotto to play in my favor lol

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