How To Choose A Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

It’s an exciting time to be in the market for a new mattress. Unlike a few short decades ago when one had to drive from one place to another to sample out the various products, you can now open yourself to a world of possibilities where it’s easy to seek out quality mattresses online.

While scouring online marketplaces, you are definitely bound to stumble upon a good number of different types of foam incorporated in sleep products. Particularly, memory foam has sparked interest in many spheres as an ideal material for most of these sleeping products.

If you are considering purchasing a memory foam mattress either as a new addition or to replace an old, worn out mattress, here is all the pertinent information you need and a few aspects to keep in mind.

How To Choose A Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

What is Memory Foam?

While memory foam is typically associated with sleep products, the original production was meant for use by NASA in the 1970s. What most people fail to realize is that it was never actually used in the initial space program. There are several false claims that it was used by astronauts subjected to high G-forces. Instead, it was used by pilots and passengers as a means to increase chances of sustaining crashes and the impact they came with safely.

The fact that the foam is visco-elastic makes it able to isolate motion while conforming to the body’s natural curvature. It was only a matter of time till manufacturers recognized the quality of this material’s comfort and sure enough, it quickly made its way into the sleep industry. Since then, there have been several modifications made to the traditional form of memory foam to make it more suitable for personal rather than industrial use.

Types of Memory Foam

There are a couple different types of memory foam each of which features a different set of its own unique benefits. Knowing which type of memory foam will help you narrow down your choice to an option that caters to your specific needs. Traditional memory foam was first introduced in the mid-90s. It is designed for cradling support and as means to enhance circulation while decreasing stress on joints. This type of memory foam is unpopular for its heat absorption properties that make it a terrible choice for people who tend to sleep hot.

Open cell memory foam has a relatively quicker response that helps to avoid the feeling of sinking in as is the case with traditional memory foam. It is better able to disperse heat as compared to the traditional alternative and can respond to the body’s basal temperature by keeping it properly regulated for a better night’s sleep. Gel memory foam is a popular choice for people who suffer from lower back pain as it helps in reduction of pressure points. It’s also great at dispersing heat which pretty much makes it an excellent option for many who seek to add a new memory foam mattress.

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Memory Foam Mattress Makeup

Most mattresses on the market tend to combine several layers of a variety of materials to combine their properties as a single unit to offer distinct levels of comfort and support. While shopping for memory foam mattresses, take into account the fact that memory foam is an ideal choice for use in comfort layers. Given its properties, the material may not serve so well as a foundation.

Regardless of the type of memory foam you select, they will all always offer features similar to the comfort layer. Therefore, finding such comfortable memory foam mattress will ensure healthy sleep. Read here for more specific views.

Typically, this consists of the top half of the mattress layers. A few benefits of this composition include the ability to conform to your body and a contour that helps minimize pressure points, its elasticity, the level of comfort it offers consumers over other types of foam and the fact that with the provision of contour and conformity, it can work well to minimize such negative aspects as the feeling of sinking into the mattress and fatal, decreased breathability.

Consider Heat and Pressure

Pressure and heat make a difference particularly when dealing with traditional memory foam. Because of its makeup, memory foam tends to soften whenever body heat is applied thereby causing it to turn into a semi-solid. Additionally, since it is not as open-celled as other alternative products such as latex, it may take longer for memory foam to assume its original form. For those who can find a comfortable quickly and have minimal movements while sleeping, this could be an attractive quality.

Considerations for Personal Preference

The attraction to or away from memory foam is with most consumers a love-hate relationship. Some people may enjoy the feeling of the mattress heating up and enveloping the body. For others, this may mean sleepless nights coupled with grumpy, painful mornings for weeks on end. Because the line is profoundly divisive, you can readily tell whether or not you are set on buying a memory foam mattress or other related sleep products.

In several ways, memory foam mattresses are more or less similar to waterbeds and airbeds. To begin with, rather than compressing, each of their interiors flows away from pressure.

In addition to this, they tend to respond to pressure only in the area where it is being applied. Nonetheless, memory foam does offer a unique advantage that could make skeptics who might have never thought of using memory foam reconsiders. One fact that is more convincing than most is that they can absorb shock, which pretty much makes them a product ideal for a sleeping partner that tends to move around a lot.


You work hard for your money and likely wish to invest in a product for which you can have high expectations to last a long time. Memory foam mattresses are a perfect option. They have been known to last even longer than polyfoams in comfort layers as this is where most of the compression takes place. What makes them even more convenient is the fact that they are compatible for all sleeping positions, a quality that is often overlooked by most when selecting a mattress. The fact that it aligns with the spine makes it ideal for back sleepers and because it helps in reducing pressure points, side sleepers will find it convenient.

Ultimately, if you are hell-bent on choosing a memory foam mattress, consider its density and indentation load deflection, firmness, durability, manufacturer and standardized testing certifications. Also read customer manifests to decide whether or not the mattress will suffice – this is where company and brand reputation is built and where you can find the insights on the best possible alternatives.

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