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How Maca Powder Boosts Fertility

Maca is a cruciferous plant which is native to the mountain regions of Peru and is often named an Incan superfood. It has been used for many centuries as a remedy to boost libido and energy levels. Maca powder and fertility goes hand in hand since Incan times when farmers made the relevant connection when they noticed a rise in their herd’s fertility rates after consuming the maca plant. Even in modern times, maca is still considered by many as a potent but safe herb for boosting fertility in both men and women.

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How Maca Powder Boosts Fertility

Maca Powder and Male Fertility

Studies revealed that men who were taking maca supplements for four months experienced a rise in motility, sperm count and semen volume. Animal studies showed that maca may also be advantageous for overall sperm health as well as encouraging healthy sperm production. Some people also believe that maca increases sexual desire after consumption.

Maca Powder and Female Fertility

The relevance between maca and women’s fertility is due to its capability of restoring hormonal balance. It is believed to assist with suppressing estrogen dominance as well as encouraging approving progesterone/estrogen balance which is conductive to conceiving. Many women reported a rise in sexual function and libido when taking maca.

What is Maca?

Maca, also called Peruvian Ginseng and Lepidium Meyenii, is a herb that looks like a turnip and can grow in tremendously harsh conditions in areas such as the Andes. The Maca plant can withstand intense sunlight, freezing weather conditions and harsh winds and has been used as medicine and food for over two millennia. This plant is divided into separate categories according to the colour of the root which can be either, black, yellow, pink or red. The yellow type is the most desirable commercially.

How Does Maca Boost Fertility?

Maca doesn’t contain any hormones itself but it has a nourishing effect on the endocrine system as it assists the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands as well as influencing essential hormones in both women and men. It contains sixty phytonutrients and thirty-one minerals. Maca also contains glucosinolates which influences fertility in women and men.

Jars Of Maca Powder

5 Ways How Maca Powder Boosts Fertility

  1. Containing fertility-supporting nutrients

Maca root contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron and phosphorous as well as sterols, fibre, lipids, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and twenty essential fatty acids.

  1. It is a natural aphrodisiac

The sterols-content in Maca are known for boosting testosterone and blocking estrogen production. Natural hormone-balancing properties such as zinc, iodine and fatty acids assist with balancing sex hormones.

  1. Balancing hormones

Maca acts as an endocrine adaptogen since it contains nutrients that helps in supporting natural and healthy hormone production. The pituitary and hypothalamus glands are referred to as the master glands in the body. Maca provides nourishment to these master glands which help restore other glands like testicular, ovarian, thyroid and pancreas glands. This herb can be particularly helpful to women who are going through menopause.

  1. Readily available and cheap

Maca powder is easily obtainable from health stores, whether in capsule form or as a powder. Maca powder is much cheaper than fertility treatment and is known for assisting people who has fertility problems, due to its ability to regulate and balance hormones.

  1. Improving sperm count and regulating cycles

Studies revealed that maca is efficient for improving sperm count and assisting women with regulating their cycles. This means that maca poses fertility benefits for both sexes.

How To Take Maca For Boosting Fertility

When taking maca for fertility purposes, make sure you’re choosing maca that only contains the root and not the leaves or stem. Maca products can be obtained in three forms namely:

  1. Maca powder

You can either buy raw maca powder or gelatinized maca powder. Raw powder is made from the maca root which was crushed while gelatinized powder first goes through a vegetarian process of removing the starch and making it more concentrated, improving assimilation. Gelatinize maca powder is easier digested than raw maca powder. The powder can be added to yogurt, smoothies, juice or baked goods.

  1. Maca capsules

Many people prefer taking maca root capsules for fertility as they can be swallowed with a glass of water, making it more convenient.

  1. Maca Tincture

The liquid extract from the root has medicinal properties and can be added to smoothies or juice or consumed with plain water.

Recommended Daily Intake Of Maca For Boosting Fertility

The usual dosage is 1000 to 3000mg daily. You can choose to take it in one dose or throughout the day in lesser dosages. It is recommended to take it before three in the afternoon otherwise it may interfere with your sleeping cycles and keep you awake at night.

Side Effects Of Taking Maca

Throughout history the people of Peru has been taking maca for food or medicinal purposes every day and this herb is considered to be very safe. However, some women have experienced spotting and tummy upsets when initially starting to take non-gelatinized maca. Most manufacturers of products that contain maca advise that they shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy although Peruvians have been consuming it as food daily. This is because no studies have been done to determine if it has any effect on the unborn foetus.


Maca is a gem of nature and is one of the safest herbs to consume for improving fertility. Not only is it aiding couples who has fertility issues, it can also be taken in conjunction witih other fertility treatments. Many people use maca with other herbs as a superfood, supplement or tonic to help improve fertility. Apart from the benefits maca poses to boost fertility, research reveals that maca can also assist with protection against brain damage, improving cognitive abilities as well as improving bone health. IN men, it is suggested that it can help with suppressing prostate hypertrophy in the same way as finasteride can which is a synthetic drug which is taken for treatment of enlarged prostates.

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