How Do You Enjoy Your Cadbury Easter Eggs? Plus Giveaway

Mzansi has an abundance of diverse cultures and traditions, many of which are reflected in how people enjoy their food. As Easter approaches, the age-old question once again arises, ‘what is the best way to indulge in the delicious milk chocolate shell and sweet filling of a traditional Easter egg.’

Cadbury are expert chocolatiers, with years of experience crafting delicious treats. While Easter is the ideal time for connecting with family and friends, it’s also a perfect occasion to treat yourself to some of the tasty delights on offer.

The eggciting Cadbury Easter range is back with something for all egg lovers to enjoy! It wouldn’t be a true Cadbury Easter without everyone’s favourite, the melt-in-your-mouth, Cadbury Fluffies Chocolate Coated Mallow Eggs. There’s also the yummy Cadbury chocolate Hollow Eggs filled with Whispers or Astros. Not forgetting the scrumptious, candy-coated Cadbury chocolate Hen’s Eggs, Cadbury Dairy Milk 170g Top Deck Bunnies slab as well as delicious Cadbury Mini Eggs.

While there’s no questioning how people should enjoy their favourite Easter eggs, there’s a pattern to how people generally partake. So, the next time you bite into a Cadbury Easter egg ask yourself which egg-eating personality suits you best?

Are you best described as a Connoisseur who relishes in each tasty bite or a Gobbler who can’t wait to get a full taste experience in each mouthful. Could you be more of a technically minded Smasher or perhaps an Outlier who ignores convention and embarks on their own Easter egg eating traditions?

If you are still not sure, then find out more about these different yet egg-streme egg-eating personalities below.

The Connoisseur

As the name suggests, the Connoisseur reflects their expert judgement in all matters of taste by appreciating the art of eating an Easter egg, savouring the moment by separating each element of the treat individually. When approaching a Cadbury Fluffies Mallow Egg, they prefer to take their time. With each delightful crack they remove another small part of the Cadbury chocolate layer, peeling away the delectable outer shell, bit by bit, to unearth the fluffy white and purple marshmallow centre. When it comes to Cadbury Hen’s Eggs, the Connoisseur painstakingly enjoys the process of slowly licking off the candy coating to reveal all the chocolatey delight beneath.

The Gobbler

In contrast, the Gobbler is a no-nonsense chocolate eater who thrives on gulping their treats in one swift go. They’re known to bypass the time-consuming process of working off the chocolate layers by biting right through a Fluffies Mallow egg for a combined marshmallow and chocolate taste. They have even been seen popping a handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs into their mouth all at once.

The Shatterer

Then there’s the ‘get right to it’ Shatterer who finds the fastest way to enjoy their Cadbury Easter egg by smashing the egg into tiny pieces before consuming it. While they usually favour Cadbury Hollow Eggs, with their hidden treats inside, they have also been known to attempt to crush a Top Deck Bunnies slab into smaller bite sized pieces.

The Outlier

Finally, the Outlier believes there isn’t one way to enjoy a Cadbury Easter egg. In fact the more bizarre the method the more fun it is. Whether it’s toasting Cadbury Fluffies between slices of bread or sprinkling crushed Cadbury mini eggs into coffee there are no rules for the Outlier when it comes to how to consume your Easter eggs. They especially like trying out new recipes and baked delicacies using Cadbury Easter eggs as the star ingredient.

No matter your egg-eating persona, the range also provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to your loved ones just how much you care. Generously hide a favourite Cadbury Easter egg, with love, in places that have significance and enjoy watching their delight as they discover their Easter egg surprise.

Cadbury is once again inviting South Africans to create even more special Easter memories by joining The Cadbury Mzansi Hide* virtual Easter egg adventure. Kicking off on the 15th March, simply sign up to The Cadbury Mzansi Hide, pick a special spot anywhere on the South African map and send your egg-seeker a clue to help them find their specially hidden virtual egg.

Follow #HideThemWithLove for all the details.

At Cadbury, we take pride in creating chocolate treats and unforgettable experiences that Mzansi’s chocolate lovers can enjoy in their own unique way. This Easter, we want to celebrate the diversity of South Africans, so no matter what your egg eating style, Cadbury has you covered with a delicious range that’s becoming synonymous with the Easter holiday.” Says Lara Sidersky, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

The Cadbury Easter range is available from all major retail stores countrywide.

Mzansi’s chocolate lovers can find out more at or follow the conversation on Instagram, @cadbury_sa and Facebook @CadburyDairyMilk

*T&C apply

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  1. my mouth water as i look at these chocs.fingers crossed .

  2. Terri-lee Falken

    I’m absolutely besotted with the Top Deck bunnies I cannot get enough of them!

  3. I’m a gobbler lol #winwithkaboutjie

    • I love Cadbury chocolate. To me it’s the best. If I can’t afford Cadbury I don’t have chocolate. I love their fluffiest. Taste is divine.

      • Definitely an outlier

      • I like to taste this Cadbury it’s looking good it’s my first time I’m enter online competition in my area.

      • Cadbury chocolate the best. I just love anything and everything Cadbury

      • Lizel Izaks Gertse

        Cadbury is the best chocolate always have been always will be, this is an awesome giveaway, I wish I could win this Fabolous hamper for me and my son,????, I’m a shatterer I think

  4. omg my son’s absolutely love Cadbury

  5. Natasha Stewart

    What an Amazing chocokate filled HAMOER from Cadbury yummy☺????

  6. I am absolutely the Connoisseur. Chocolate is my weakness. makes everything better. ????????

  7. i love Cadbury chocolate, my kids love the fluffies! thank you for the blog

  8. Cadbery is my favorite brand chocolate.
    Beautilious Hamper!
    Take care.

  9. Looks really, really yummy ❤️

    • Marcus Hendricks

      Gobbler loading…that’s definitely me.
      I unwrap Nd stuff that entire thing in my mouth in one sweep woosh…then I enjoy the different sugary taste in my mouth from everything… Yummy. out of all the holidays I enjoy Easter the most. For an entire weekend it’s Fish hot cross buns and chocolate…

  10. I love these wow amazing giveaway ????????????????

  11. Would be a real blessing for my family and I if I win this beautiful eggciting Cadbury Easter range of chocolate hamper giveaway. Please make those chocolate bunnies hop my way .

  12. Yummy Chocolate just in time for an awesome Easter Hunt with kids????

  13. Entered! will make my boy so happy. Single mom struggling to buy all the treats!

  14. Charmaine Van Rooyen

    Yummmy, what a lekker give away!!!

  15. oooh would love to win this delicious prize

  16. I think im a Shatter.. I like to break it up and enjoy every small piece,

  17. I always try to check out for your live social media but I get so busy. Being a medical dispatcher during the week makes it difficult to attend.

  18. NELISIWE Masilo

    I will like to win this chocolate for my kids

  19. Deshni Govender

    Now this would a spoil…yum…yum…

    • Nomvuyo Ngqisha

      Cadbury if my favorite, which on Easter weekend I can’t wait to enjoy it more and more than before, I’m feeling happy all my time with Cadbury Chocolate

  20. The Connoisseur fits me the best. I love eating and enjoying my chocolate, it brings me so much joy… yum yum

  21. Oh how wonderful. I would say the connoisseur I like to saver it lol. My son would be the gobbler

  22. Janel Sunderlall

    Just in time for Easter with all my family’s favourites ❤️

  23. I would say that I am a Connoisseur. I love taking each bite and enjoying the moment.

  24. I’m a gobbler and shattered lmzo

  25. I’m a connorsier

  26. Oh my what a lovely spoil for our kiddies Easter Party. The kids and adults would enjoy this! Fingers crossed to win this PHENOMENAL PRIZE! #WinWithKaboutjie

  27. I’m a connoisseur,my babies and their dad are gobblers????❤️.

  28. oh my goodness what an eye catcher! i couldnt resist. nothing better than a cudbury easter egg….. mouth watering!!!!

  29. I’m a Connoisseur, I love to savour the moment ❤????

  30. this is such an amazing hanper to win… i love putting my fluffies into the freezer to make them hard before we eat them… of course they don’t always make it to the freezer in time….

  31. Chrismarie Fourie

    I am for sure The Connoisseur! I take my time tasting, letting it melt before it dissolves on my tongue… I do this piece by piece, it’s the only way to really Taste the awesomeness of Cadbury Chocolates…. Still the best original Chocolate there is. I would LOVE to continue to be “The Connoisseur” and taste this Giveaway! And i’ll give my review afterwards too… 🙂 Thank you Lynn for your reviews and blog… I love reading about all the things you do and experience. #WinWithKaboutjie

  32. I honestly prefer all Cadbury chocolate to the other chocolate brands. Its affordable and seriously delicious! This looks like a lovely hamper!

  33. I am a connoisseur for the most part, but if I’ve been craving or it’s been a while, then I turn into a gobbler!
    I would soooooo love to win this one!!

  34. I just love my cadbury chocolates

  35. Kaylin Richards

    yummylicious for Easter
    cadbury only the best
    South Africa’s number one choccice ????❤????

  36. Outlier for sure. More than one way to gobble. #WinWithKaboutjie

    • I’m definitely a gobbler. Have been going through the most these couple of weeks and chocolate is definitely a mood enhancer for me. I would love to try the Easter range from Cadbury.

  37. ooooooohhhhhh what a delicious giveaway.

  38. I am a connoisseur this is a lovely hamper

  39. Natasha Stewart

    I Love the fluffies but very interested to try the hollow egg filled with Astros or whispers that is a winner combination. My egg eating style I am definately the connoisseur and the outlier. Cadbury has a nice range!

  40. Janine Brothers

    Wow! What an Amazing Giveaway!
    Mouthwatering hampering

  41. I drizzle it over a blackforect cake and mix it with custard that’s how I enjoy it.

  42. I melt it and mix it with ice cream and make chocolate ice cream pops

  43. Natasha Stewart

    I Love fluffies but very interested in trying the hollow egg filled with Astros or whispers that is a winner combination. My egg eating style I am definately the connoisseur and the outlier. Cadbury has a nice range!

  44. I’m a connoisseur, Love the Cadbury fluffies.

  45. the babies will really enjoy this one

  46. Perfect treats for Easter!.????????????❤️I might as well incorporate them in the Easter egg hunt I am planning for my kids.????

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