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Hoverboarding For Beginners – Staying Safe On Your Hoverboard

It doesn’t take long for a toy to become super popular and get adults interested. It happened with skateboards in the 60s and 70s. Everyone watched Tony Hawk on TV breaking records and doing amazing things, even though he was just a teenager.  

After that, more and more adults started moving around with a skateboard of their own. With time, the skateboard evolved into a longboard. It was pretty much the same thing, only longer. However, all things change when you add technology into the mix. Click on this link to read more. 

Reducing the number of wheels on a skate from four to two, the hoverboard was born. A fun fact about it is that it also has a motor inside of it. It sounds like something unstable and straight out of a science fiction movie. When you look at it, it does seem like something from the future. You’re left wondering how to get on and steer a thing that has two wheels, no steering wheel, and no support.  

Hoverboarding For Beginners - Staying Safe On Your Hoverboard

What do you need to know before you get on it? 

Whenever people buy something new that they really want, they often forget to read the instructions. In fact, everything that’s essential to maneuvering an appliance or product is already written there. You don’t need to Google anything since you have the pamphlet in your hand. The info about charging, faults, and examinations is explained with pictures. 

Instructions are always in English, and if you lose it you can search online for your country and the product. Googling hoverboards Ireland will definitely show you what you’re looking for. As soon as you read it and check the hoverboard, it’s time to find a place where you’ll be training. The minimum requirement is a 5×5 meter square that’s flat and has no obstacles. 

If you don’t have that much space at home, then a parking lot will suffice perfectly. Make sure to have someone with you since the first few times you get on will be crucial, and that’s when most of the injuries happen. Don’t forget to grab a helmet and a few knee and elbow pads. It might look silly at first, but it’s better to look funny than to fall and hurt yourself. 

Ride a hoverboard

How to ride? 

The first thing you’ll have to master is how to get on it. Since it doesn’t have any support, that’s going to be impossible without a friend. Have them stand in front of you and hold the hoverboard, so it doesn’t move. Place your dominant foot on the device, and the board will light up and start vibrating.  

Don’t worry about it. That simply signals that it’s turned on. Make sure you wear flat shoes because the added padding in the heel section might be one of the reasons why you might fall. As soon as the first foot is secure, move your body weight, and lean into it.  

When you place both feet, you can tell your friend to move away from the front to the side, and you can try moving forwards and backward. If you start waving your hands or trying to find your balance, that’s like sending out a signal that you’re going to fall.  

Instead, be calm and lightly bend your knees. Make sure that your gaze isn’t directed at your feet. Instead, it should be about five to ten meters in front of you. When you master standing, it’s time to move forward, literally. Try to tilt your body forward about ten degrees.  

That’s just enough to get the hoverboard moving. The more you tilt, the faster it’s going to go. Max speed is usually capped at 15 miles per hour. In order to move backward, you need to tilt back. This is a bit trickier. It would be best if you didn’t lean your pelvis because you might fall. View this link for more info

Another interesting device about this kind of transport is that there are no breaks. If you want to stop, you just need to get your body back in the starting position and stand straight. When you start moving without falling, it’s time to learn how to turn.  

This is the trickiest part since you have to focus most of your weight on your right toe to turn left. It’s a bit counterintuitive. The opposite thing is true about turning right. Take as much time as you need, and in a few days, you’ll learn all there is to know about it.  

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