The Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss

The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep hydrated as well as improve your weight loss. There are also a series of benefits related to drinking water, but suffice it to say that water is indeed the best beverage you could possibly drink for a healthy body. However, infusing water with lemon, is known to be highly beneficial in various ways as well.

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The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Weight Loss

For starters, lemon water helps in improving your digestion. This is especially true when the water is warm, as it helps to flush the digestive system while also rehydrating your body. Many in fact recommend drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Moreover, lemon water aids your immune system to function properly. Thanks to the Vitamin C found in lemons, you will also be getting a good amount of this important vitamin, and it is also worth noting that a good amount of vitamin C also helps in weight loss.

Drinking lemon water is said to help reduce bloating. By helping to boost your metabolism, lemon water helps you to lose weight, as well as stay hydrated.

So for those who would like to give some extra taste to plain water, why not try lemon water? It is tastier and very beneficial in a myriad of ways! And since it is definitely free from calories, it will help you limit your intake of other types of drinks which are high in sugars and calories.

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  1. I can handle my water like 15 litres but I have never managed to have a flavor or lemon in it I battle to drink it. weird part is when I am sick or have a headache I drink a lot more water than on a normal day. However I do know of people that drink luke warm lemon water daily

  2. @lynne omw and this is how i drink my plain water if im bored by just to have a glass water i add lemon like nearly everytime so actually its a benefit for me that i havent been aware of this is just great news and thats why i dont have a problem with weigh loss i guess ill just continue drinking my water like i do….normal plain water noooo i must add something at least.

  3. Can I drink lemon water if I’m breastfeeding?

  4. Yea my doctor once told me it healthy for nursing mothers to take lemon water.

  5. Elize Swanepoel

    Lemon is one of nature’s best gifts given to mankind.

    Not only has it got a lot of healthy qualities, it can be used for many different things in and around the house as well as a meal enhancer.

    I’m not fond of eating a lemon on it’s own. But I love drinking it in my water and I force myself to drink a small glass of lukewarm water with lemon at least once a week. It really does work wonders for weight loss and bowel movement. I am living proof of that. 😀

    My favourite meal with lemon is angel fish.
    I just add a bit of butter, lemon, garlic, salt & ground black pepper and bake it in the oven until cooked.
    It is so tasty and a much healthier choice than fish baked with a batter.

    Even chicken goes very well with lemon.

    I even add lemon and vinegar to my salads as a dressing which also contributes towards weight loss.

    I also enjoy a glass of water with lemon as a palette cleanser after I’ve eaten a greasy meal like pork shops or bacon and eggs.

    If you don’t like the taste of lemon, you can add a dash of lime cordial to your water.

  6. Thanks Lynne.. 💖

  7. I cant drink plain water! I do but like a few sips here and there. But I suffer with bloating its almost as if its apart of my daily life and its so frustrating! This is something I really need to try thanks for Sharing

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