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6 Symptoms Of Ear Infections In Children

Ear Infection

There are mainly three kinds of ear infections according to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, namely:

Acute otitis mediaSections of the middle ear are infected and swollen leading to fluid build-up behind the eardrum which causes ear pain and fever.

Otitis media with effusion – When fluids remain trapped behind the eardrum after having ear infection.

Chronic otitis media with effusion– When fluids stay trapped for long periods of time behind the eardrum or keeps returning even with no infection. This can impact your baby’s hearing.

Symptoms Of Ear Infections in Children

• Pulling or tugging his ear.
• Crying and fussiness.
• Having trouble sleeping.
• Fever symptoms, particularly in toddlers and babies.
• Problems with balance or unusual clumsiness.
• Problems with hearing and not responding to sounds.

When to consult a doctor

Not all ear infections require treatment with antibiotics. According to the experts, the majority of children will start feeling better after a day or so. However, if the ear pain are in conjunction with any of the following symptoms, you must seek medical advice:

A medical practitioner will most likely give a prescription for antibiotics when a toddler or baby has moderate to severe pain symptoms partnered with high fever and his condition is showing no signs of improvement within 48 hours or if there is a presence of new fluid in the ear canal.

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