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Safe & Convenient Baby Cabinet Locks

As soon as we become parents our top priority is to ensure that our children are safe. When our babies get mobile and start exploring our homes it is so important to make sure that there is nothing within reach that is potentially dangerous. This includes things like cleaning products, insect sprays and poisons, glues, sharp objects, glassware and small objects that are potential choking hazards.

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It is absolutely essential to be able to safely and conveniently lock away any dangerous items when you have a baby. Chances are high you will also want to lock some cabinets not for the safety aspect but just because your baby will spend all day every day unpacking everything, making a mess and very likely damaging things too.

While there are many child safety cupboard locks on the market many of them require using tools to install and involve drilling into your cupboards and drawers which is inconvenient as well as unsightly.

Many also use keys or complicated methods to unlock meaning a 10 minute process before you can grab a biscuit to go with your afternoon tea.

These baby cabinet locks come in a set of 12. Here’s why these baby cabinet locks by Rafelymen come out tops:

  1. No Tools Required & Easy Installation

These baby safety locks are quick and easy to install without using any tools. Simply stick them on to the area that you need them. The 3M RED adhesive tape is very strong and will hold the locks firmly in place.

  1. No Damage To Your Cabinets

No drilling means no damage to your furniture – these cabinet locks are fitted easily without making any changes to your cupboards or drawers.

  1. Not Visible From Outside

I’ve seen some hideous looking devices to keep your kids out of cupboards and drawers – these safety cabinet locks fit neatly inside your cupboards and drawers without being visible from the outside. Big time aesthetic bonus here.

  1. Convenient – No Keys

Imagine running around your home looking for the keys to your cabinets every time you want something? No thank you! These safety locks make use of a latch which you can open from the outside.

These safety cabinet locks will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for and at a great price too.

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  1. This seems to be effective. I have tried various other toddler proofing products for my kitchen cupboards, but my two years old has seemed to get through them. I have resorted to chains and number locks (I kid you not) but now he has seemed to break a lock. This does seem to be the better option.

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