Jogging strollers - Exercise with your baby

Jogging Strollers: Exercise with Your Baby

When a baby arrives in the home, the happy event is always accompanied by a little worry on the mother’s part. During the nine months that were spent carrying the baby, extra energy was stored by the body, and this energy was stored as fat.

Mothers are always anxious to lose this as soon as possible, but they have to wait a few months until the baby has grown into a little child. This takes time, and by the time the mother can exercise, the fat has become a more or less permanent fixture.

That was until the advent of baby jogging strollers. With this type of baby strollers, the mother can go outside and run around to her heart’s content without being separated from her baby. This is made possible by the wheel design of the baby jogging stroller, as it has only three wheels, which allows more freedom of movement.

There are two major designs for baby jogging strollers. There is the fixed front wheel, and the swivel front wheel, and each type spells a major difference in the way it functions.

  1. Fixed front wheel baby jogging stroller: Fixed front wheel baby jogging strollers are safer for jogging, as the stroller won’t turn and swerve while the mother is running behind it. The swivel front wheel, on the other hand, offers greater maneuverability. A trip to the mall would be much easier with a swivel front wheel because the mother can make a hundred eighty degree turn without stepping out of one spot.
  2. Swivel front wheel: There are manufacturers that offer baby jogging strollers with front wheels that may be locked into place. This is the best type, as it offers the best of both worlds. If the mother needs to run a little bit, then all she has to do is lock the front wheel. A trip to a crowded place would have her unlock the front wheel, then she could walk through the crowd without much difficulty.

Jogging Strollers – How Advantageous are They?

Advantages that you must look forward to:

Comfort: This thing is quite important when it comes to the advantages of the jogging strollers. This includes a spacious and well foamed seat for the child such that the area is well covered and warm.

Safety: This proves out to be an added advantage for every make, as different makes employ different types of safety features. This may include harnesses, safety belts. Types of wheels. Types of shock absorbers and many other things.

Miscellaneous space: This includes all the other things that must be kept at all times wherever the child has to be taken. All the important things of the child must be kept which may include boiled water for the child, formula, diapers, baby bag, cream etc.

Control: Another added advantage is the control of the strollers joggers. This includes the ease with which the strollers may be controlled while jogging. This includes that the wheels must be tight and provide overall center of gravity towards the rear end of the strollers joggers and stroller such that control becomes very easy.

Stability: This is quite advantageous as the child inside must be secure of all the bumps which may trouble the child while in motion. Hence it must be at all times be ensured that the child in the strollers joggers must be of appropriate age.

All the above advantages at all times are very important to look for when you go to the market to buy one for yourself.

Benefits of Strollers Joggers:

The most benefits of jogging strollers are:

Accomodates Motherhood: It fosters all the duties of a good motherhood very well besides allowing the mother to look after herself and her health as well. The doctor recommend the mother to follow a routine of exercises to get back into the proper shape but mothers are not able to follow them usually because the amount of the time they have to give to their infant. With the use of these jogging strollers, while you are on a walk or a jog, you can very well let your infant accompany you and can always cater to him as and when necessary.

Child’s Outing: These baby strollers besides being used for the parents jogging purposes might also be used for an evening stroll with the young one. The child too wants to feel the atmosphere and the climate may be get out in the fresh air for a nice warm stroll. These strollers joggers can very well do that as the placement of the child in it is very comfortable and spacious.

Portability: This is one very good feature as it allows the user to handle it quite well when out or evening the house this jogging stroller may not require a huge space to store in.

So, stroll out without worries and further tensions of baby care and health care.

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  1. I tried this… it was hysterical. All geared up with my jogging pram good to go, to babies first park run. As we start there is a MASSIVE up hill. I nearly died Lynne LOL
    Needless to say after that the pram become equipment for me to lean on in order to make it through the rest of the 4.5kms 😀
    Definitely going t get a bit fitter before I do that again 🙂

    • Hi Tamara it sounds like my last attempt to get fit. I ran one morning and honestly it went ok. I think I managed 2kms. The next day I was half dead. I just couldn’t get out of bed.

      I do think that fit moms that run before pregnancy will be able to get back to it much easier than unfit moms. I used to be a regular runner but I haven’t done it for years. I am sure if I was running before I got pregnant I would have been able to pick it up much quicker.

      Now I leave running for this like when my phone rings. Sometimes I even run upstairs for my phone.

  2. Really want to try this in the new year!
    Its difficult to go to the gym cause with who do you leave your baby.?!
    But let us know about that nut and lets run and see how much weight we can lose! Im sure we can all lose that baby fat!!!
    2017 here we come!!!

    • Yes exactly Marisca. Some gyms have a baby room but I just would not feel comfortable leaving my baby with anyon.

      I am losing weight nicely now. I have lost 2 1/2 kgs and my tummy has gone from 105cm to 102cm which makes me pleased… and this during the festive season when I have been eating all sorts of naughty things!

  3. Thats awesome Lynne!!!
    Well done.

  4. This is all good and well but sorry to say our roads look so bad and because of roads thats so bad cars travel on side walks some places so jogging with a stroller is not a option we dont have safe and nice parks to go jog at only streets and side walks…we have the eco park with wild animals but thats gravel roads and jogging alone or bicycle is perfect. Oh and some of those strollers are so nice but expensive i dont have that kind of money.

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