Idiot drivers are putting my kids lives at risk

Idiot Drivers are putting my Kids Lives at Risk!

Just outside the complex where I live there is a circle. When you come down my road to the circle there are only two places you can go. To the accommodation facility next door to my complex, or my complex.

At least once a week I have a situation where I am coming home and when I drive up to the circle some idiot driver is coming straight at me after going the wrong way around it. These are people coming out of the accommodation facility next door.

I cannot see that section of the circle because there is a wall so it is impossible to see what is coming until you are right at the circle

Now I use this circle at least 4 times a day during the week, 2 of these times I have my two children in the car with me. Often I have to go out shopping or to an appointment in the afternoon so I make more trips over this circle with my kids.

I cannot get around not using this circle, it is the only way out of my complex.

Now I have no idea what is going through the mind of the person that is breaking the law and putting my life and the lives of my children at risk when they decide to cut across the wrong way.

Do they think they are saving on fuel?

Do they think they are saving time?

Do they think they are saving wear and tear on their car?

Do they think they are being clever?

Geez I have no idea, but it is getting seriously upsetting.

Today while driving home, I arrived at the circle just outside my complex and as I looked left a male driver, with a female passenger, was clearly about to turn right, the wrong way around the circle right in front of me.

I started shaking my head and as he saw me do that he burst out laughing. In that moment felt all my pent up anger, irritation, frustration and helplessness just explode in me

So I pulled up to his car, opened my window and I let rip.

Now I do think that poor couple got more than they bargained for so I do apologize for that.

However I still can’t understand how people can not think at all, and not care at all about the other people on the road. It may seem like a silly thing to you, you may laugh when you are caught out and think it is funny.

But the day you hit a car and kill someone, maybe a child, you won’t be laughing anymore. An apology won’t go very far either. Not to the family of the deceased nor in the court rooms.

So I ask you all to please drive carefully, to please respect the rules of the road and to please respect everyone else on the road.

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  1. Agreed! In Langebaan we have the same problem! I try and keep my kids as safe as possible… Seat belts, obeying the rules, etc. And then some idiot with no brain will go and do something stupid and put them at risk. I’m sure they can see me yelling at them!

    • Annari yes and I drive from Saldanha to Langebaan every day, and I am on the outskirts of Saldanha on the Langebaan side… so it is just an open road with no stops or anything, but people are driving like maniacs. Last year I had some idiot overtake me while I was overtaking a truck that had pulled to the side.

      It is unbelievable how stupid some people can be. Is rushing somewhere really worth risking your life for?

      I am going to the traffic department about this circle. If a cop sits there all day every day just fining the people that go the wrong way over that circle the amount of those fines will pay the salaries of all the traffic cops in the West Coast for sure!

  2. Oh thats now a thing as its the only option to enter the complex….i feel your pain we have a stop street but between streets and everytime we turn someone just drive over not even looking people dont even look and see baby on board they just dont give a damm….

    • Exactly Lisa, people just don’t care. That is why I got so upset when that guy started laughing. He thought it was funny I had “bust him”. Like he is just a naughty little boy doing something silly. God I felt my damn blood boiling!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this Lynne, but to share with you my ultimate gauge booster is when i see people in a car driving and there is a little one in the back bouncing around from one side of the car to the other. When you take a closer look, 9 out of 10 times the adults are wearing seat belts. Does my head in EVERY TIME!!!!!

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean Tamara, it does my nut in too. You don’t even need an accident to cause serious injury to a child, just brake suddenly for a dog in the road or something and your kids could get seriously hurt.

      I just can’t understand why parents don’t buckle their kids in properly!

  4. Its something i have never understood, yesterday actually, we were coming home from grocery shopping, stopped at the robot and just opposite from us was a couple, Dad driving, mom in the passenger seat and an INFANT on her lap. I was horrified, even the smallest bumper basing could cause serious or even fatal injuries to that little one…. im completely socked and full of rage when i see sh** like that!!!!

  5. Hi lynne hows the driving now of others any other incidents…

  6. I personally ask if they bought their licence. i dont drive but when I am a passanger I get angry at the incompetence and idiotic deivers on the road
    Just pray the innocent are always protected

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