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How To Get Baby To Poop

Determined Baby

Knowing how to get baby to poop is an essential skill as a new mom. There is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable baby and this is no different when your baby is constipated. I’ve already shared a number of remedies to help your baby with constipation.

Recently I came across this video on Youtube showing you how to get your baby to poop and it has so many awesome responses from moms saying it worked a dream for their babies so I had to share it.

How To Get Baby To Poop

What I especially like about this method is that it is a good one to try for a newborn baby since a newborn baby shouldn’t have anything to drink other than milk, which knocks out a lot of other awesome natural remedies for constipation.

With the method shown in the video above your baby should make a poop in about twenty minutes.

You start with bending your baby’s legs and then moving them around in circles for a few rounds.

Then you massage the tummy to loosen up the muscles. put your thumb on one side of your baby’s tummy with your fingers on the other side and squish the tummy and release. Then put both your thumbs on your baby’s tummy with your fingers on baby’s side and massage all around the tummy.

The next step is to take baby legs and bend them together and push them onto his tummy and down again a few times, then do it one leg at a time.

You do some more massaging, the squishing one, using your other hand so that it is the opposite side that is being worked.

If you give this a go leave a comment and let us know if it is successful for you!

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