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Explore Exercises to Help You Improve Pelvic Placement

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When looking for an exercise that can improve your pelvic placement, there is really nothing more effective than doing the Pilates. Being the secondary principle, Pilates promote awareness of improving the pelvic placement and emphasize stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis both dynamically and statically through Pilates movements.

Here are some Pilates Exercises that target your pelvic floor to help you improve your pelvic placement.

1. Shoulder Bridge

The shoulder bridge is a typical yoga pose and is a challenging workout for the muscles of the back and around the pelvis. This is also a great workout for those with a very weak pelvic floor since it lifts the hips and allows gravity to take pressure off the pelvic floor and
making activation a lot easier.


Tip: You can add a ball in between your knees in order to help keep your inner thigh
connection all through the exercise.

2. Scissors

Scissors is a great starting point in order to begin connecting with your deep core and pelvic floor muscles while practicing a diaphragmatic breathing.

Tip: Progress to a more challenging scissor workout by alternating toe taps. This exercise should increase the challenge on your pelvic stabilizers and deep core.

3. The Clam

This clam exercise works on the external rotators of the hip and can have a positive impact on strengthening your pelvic floor.


Tip: Challenge yourself with this workout by holding a side plank on your knees and elbows.

4. Lunge

The lunge is a great functional exercise which incorporates the pelvic floor. Furthermore, it can be used in your everyday life when picking or lifting heavier objects.


Tip: You can perform a weighted lunge by using a kettlebell, dumbbell or baby capsule on one side of the body. This increase the challenge on your pelvic floor and core.


Pilates exercises that target the pelvic floor and improve pelvic placements are mainly done on a Pilates mat. However, if you want an added challenge to your core, you can also do these workouts on a Pilates chair. If you do not have one yet, then check out the trusted reviews on the top Pilate chair at to get only the best products.

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