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Everything in life has changed, why hasn’t your breakfast?

Future Life Smart Food Breakfast

In a world that is getting progressively smarter and better, making healthier food choices should be a no-brainer.

FUTURELIFE® Smart Food™ is the smart choice for South African families who want to live happier and healthier lives, today and in the future.

FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is the result of a collaboration by a multi-disciplinary team of food scientists, doctors and dieticians to develop a product that offers complete nutrition. It provides an internationally recommended blend of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as 21 vitamins and minerals delivering 50% of one’s daily requirements for all vitamins and most minerals.

It also contains additional functional ingredients including fibre, inulin (prebiotic) and MODUCARE®, a daily immune supplement with internationally published clinical trials.

Now is the time for South African families to reconsider their breakfast choice, join the Smart Nutrition revolution and upgrade their breakfast cereal to FUTURELIFE®, the smart breakfast choice.

“We challenge South African families to change the way they see their breakfast cereal and to make the smart choice by choosing FUTURELIFE® which promises Smart Nutrition for Life.” says Karyn Hamilton, FUTURELIFE® Brand Manager.

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