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Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work?

baby wearing amber teething necklace

Do amber teething necklaces work is something I am asked every day, here is my personal experience:

Up until my daughter was 3 months I had never heard of baltic amber teething necklaces. To be honest when I did hear about them I was skeptical and didn’t even think of buying one, until of course, my girl started teething. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, being a first time mom I had heard of teething. I had heard it was a terrible phase, but I assumed that it would be a process of maybe a few weeks, possibly even a whole month and then there would be a full set of teeth. Much to my horror I found out that this was not the case and that it would be a few years of teething!

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In the beginning I was still not too put out, because I had no idea how many sleepless nights this phase brought on. How was I to know how many of those teething nappies were on the way (which of course also means endless nappy rashes) and how much my girl would suffer? I tried the teething gels, the powders, teething rings, the wet face cloths and of course all the pain killers suggested. By the time my daughter was 4 months old I was exhausted and fed up of pumping my child full of meds and decided to give the teething necklace a try. I can’t say that I believed it would work, but I was willing to try anything and I was trying to convince myself it would work.

The night I put it on for the first time, those teething nappies came to a stop immediately. This might seem like one small change, but for me it was huge! Up until then she was having these horrible, smelly poos that were basically brown water. They would go straight through the nappy immediately. They would even go straight through her clothing as well as the bedding and the mattress and this would happen a number of times every night. It was exhausting because I would have to wash her down each time, change her clothing, strip her bed and start all over again and she would have constant horrible nappy rashes. It was heartbreaking!

There was not an immediate change in her being so sore and uncomfortable, though. In fact it seemed like a few weeks before I realised I had not given her any meds or any sort of pain relief in a couple of days. Her drooling did not become less or stop at all for months and I actually think this stopped on its own.

My daughter is now nearly 2 years old and I never give her any pain relief for teething anymore (and I haven’t for over a  year) and I do believe it is due to the amber teething necklace.

I get so many moms asking me if this will work for their baby and not all feedback is as positive as our experience. A few moms come back to me and said it has done absolutely nothing for them, so I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. These moms are, however, few and far between with the majority of moms reporting that it has been absolutely incredible.  A few moms have told me that their baby started sleeping through the night from the time they started wearing it. This has not happened for me, but my child has always been a very bad sleeper.

I believe that the amber works in different ways for each baby. For some lucky moms and their baby it is a miracle cure. For some it helps with some of the teething symptoms and nothing else. And for a few unlucky moms it does nothing.

Here’s a discussion on my Facebook page about whether amber teething necklaces work or not:

I do think though that giving it a try is worth it. I also had the mindset when I bought one that it was an expensive item to buy for my baby, especially when one cannot possibly know that it will definitively work. But after you weigh up the cost of the necklace against a few bottles of panado, some teething gel, nappy rash cream etc you will soon see that the necklace will pay for itself!

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Do amber teething necklaces work? Tell us your experience.

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