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6 Best Foods to Eat for Leaner Muscle

Being physically fit is an important factor when it comes to being confident. It is not just good physical training that leads to a better physique but an equally important diet is also necessary to make sure you don’t leave any stones unturned in the process. If your main concern is to get leaner muscles and get rid of the fats or just gain better body mass then your focus should be at regular exercise consuming more calories from muscle building food items. Here we have a list of the best food items that will help you get leaner muscles.

6 Best Foods To Eat For Leaner Muscle

  1. Eggs

Proteins is one of the basic components required for muscle gaining and eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins. Proteins contain amino acids and eggs have them in the form of leucine. Also, B vitamins, which are necessary for multiple processes in our body including energy production is present in eggs which make it all the more important to consume, preferably before the workout session. Eggs can be consumed raw if that suits your stature and comfortability or can be boiled to give it a better taste.

  1. Yogurt

If you are not lactose intolerant, another good source of proteins are dairy products. This is great because it contains a mixture of fast-digesting proteins and slow-digesting proteins. However not all dairy products contain the amount of protein you require. Greek yogurt is known to contain almost twice the amount of protein as compared to regular yogurt. It proves to be beneficial when eaten after a workout or before going to bed.

  1. Seafood

Seafood is also a very good source of proteins like most other non-veg meals on the table but they seem to outstand them all in the protein ratio content. One of the most essential muscle-building food item. They are almost entirely protein and hardly have any traces of fats and carbs. Though, fats and carbohydrates are important nutrients to your diet, just adding a few shrimps to your meal might be a pretty good idea. It doesn’t offer many calories either which will regulate your calorie intake as well.

  1. Regular Beans And Soybeans

This bit can be a respite for vegans as this is the best source of plant grown proteins. There are many varieties like black beans, kidney beans and more. Kidney beans is the most famous one and is quite beneficial. They are also rich in fibres and vitamins. Soybeans also a have a fairly rich amount of proteins in them and they are also a particularly rich source of vitamin k. Those suffering from iron deficiency and can’t seem to gain proper body mass are advised to have more of soybeans.

  1. Almond And Peanuts

We know how important it is to have a good physique for all those manly matters. We consider the diet and meals but often one of the great sources of proteins and those are nuts. Peanuts are a mix of fats, carbs and proteins. They contain a fairly high amount of amino acid leucine compared with other plant products. They also have a good calorie count to help gain muscles. Almonds too are rich sources of proteins and can be consumed in the morning along with breakfast or prior to it.


  1. Brown Rice

If you eat white rice regularly it is now time to shift to brown rice since it has far more benefits than your usual rice. Although the protein content is not very high it makes a major difference when switching from white rice and also it provides the necessary carbohydrates for your daily routine. This part of the diet is included so that you can work out harder than before and pave way for greater stimulus towards muscle growth during your exercise schedule.

There are more food items that can help with muscle gaining other than the broad spectrum mentioned here. It is very important to maintain a balanced diet and never miss out on other nutrients. Supplements and intake of chemicals should be avoided as far as possible for better long-term results and lesser side effects.

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  1. Majority of the women these days want a flat core area and go at arms lengths to obtain these results.

    Not all decisions made to obtain these results is worth it, mainly people have undergone drastic diets and let’s not forget taking weight loss pills. This is ridiculous.

    Thank you so much for this insightful article, people rather change their eating habits that damage their bodies but taking supplements and weight loss pills.

    I believe in following simple routine of non-strenuous exercise, for non-lengthy periods but maintained consistently daily.
    I have tried eating healthy but I can’t, so I rather eat what I want in moderations and exercise daily as a small punishment. 😊

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