Super Tasty Foods That Burn Belly Fat

5 Super Tasty Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Nobody likes going on a diet and having to restrict the amount of food that you eat in order to slim down. Yes over eating and eating the wrong things is not good, so if you are over indulging by all means cut back a bit.

However if you are eating quite healthily and getting some moderate exercise you are doing great.

Weight loss and toning your body should really be enjoyable and fun otherwise it will be hard to sustain your weight loss program won’t it?

The first thing I suggest that you do is look into hypnosis for weight loss because that can make all the difference to your positivity and mindset.

Then look at changing the things that you eat since so many foods are really good for you and it really won’t be a sacrifice to eat more of these foods.

Here are some really tasty foods that you can start including in your regular eating plan that will really help you to lose weight.


Yes blueberries burn belly fat and they are so delicious! Anthocyanins-phytonutrients that are present in blueberries may have an effect on your genes that regulate metabolism.

Eating a cup of blueberries every day will help you lose belly fat faster plus there are many other health benefits such as high levels of Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong and Vitamin E for antiaging.

Almonds & Walnuts

These nuts are packed full of good fats that your body needs and they make an excellent snack for in between meals. When you eat almonds and walnuts there is a chemical reaction in your small intestine that tells your brain you are full making this the ideal snack if you are always feeling hungry in between meals.

These nuts also help to lower your cholesterol so they have many health benefits.

Oh and did I say they are tasty? I just love nuts and I enjoy adding them as a salad topping to make my salads more interesting and filling.


These are simply one of my favorite foods. You can add avocado to so many meals plus you can eat it all on its own. There is nothing better than eating an avo right out of the skin with a spoon with a bit of vinegar or lemon!

Avocados are high in nutrition, low in carbohydrates and packed full of healthy fats. Avocados lower your cholesterol, squashes your hunger, boosts your energy and helps to stabilize your blood sugar.


Yogurt is packed full of probiotics and vitamins that are beneficial for your health, plus it can help you burn belly fat.

Yogurt is a wonderful choice for breakfast as well as an after workout snack since it helps you recover faster from a workout.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is high in fiber and packed with Vitamins K and C. They are highly nutritious, low in calories and energy density.

Eating kiwi fruit itself won’t exactly help you to lose weight, but because kiwi fruit is so low in calories and highly nutritious you will lose weight if you snack on kiwi fruit instead of other higher calorie foods.

There is no miracle food that will make the fat melt off you simply by eating it.

However if you start changing your eating habits by replacing unhealthy foods and drinks with healthy options you will begin to feel healthier and lose weight.

So start by replacing sugary and unhealthy drinks with water and herbal teas that help you lose weight, as well as replace eating unhealthy foods with these tasty snacks.

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  1. Luckily i love avos and eat them regularly

    • Me too, not much punishment in eating an avo right? And I believe that this is what is key here! I have been changing the way I do things -eating, exercise and more and it has made such a positive difference. I am losing weight and I am feeling great doing it!

  2. Also love avo so this can just work.
    a must share

  3. These 5 Super Tasty Foods sound like they can make an awesome smoothie!

    • Shirley Robinson

      These 5 foods sounds very effective. I think there must be an extra food also that should be added with these weight loss diet food. That would be Candlenut, which is a weight loss nut. I have personal experience with weight loss nut. Like other dietary supplements, Candlenut also helps in burning belly fat as well as helps in boosting up metabolism and reducing cellulite from the body. When I came to know about the nut through a magazine, just thought of trying it once, as it is also one of the natural ways to losing belly fat. After then, I was really surprised with the result that I got.

      • Hi @shirleyrobinson thanks for sharing about Candlenut it sounds really interesting! I’ve heard about a weight loss nut from Brazil that apparently works wonders. I used it for a while and it did help me kick start my weight loss which is awesome. I wonder if it is the same sort of nut?

        I did edit your comment to take out the link…if you are wanting to build backlinks on my website please check out my Fiverr gigs.

  4. Loved the content.

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