Hada Labo Tokyo Products

Hada Labo Tokyo Review – Super Hydrating Premium Skincare

I love trying out new face care and beauty products, so when I was contacted to do a Hada Labo Tokyo review I was very excited to get started. The range has recently been made available in South Africa by Mentholatum SA and it is now available countrywide at Clicks stores.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Hada Labo Tokyo Review

Hada Labo Tokyo Products

The key ingredients in Hada Labo Tokyo skincare products are hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen, tetrapeptide-5, resveratrol ex, silk tree extract, and caffeine.

The top key ingredient is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body, attracting and binding water. In youth the body produces hyaluronic acid readily. However with age and exposure to the sun, skin cells produce less hyaluronic acid. When hyaluronic acid is included in skincare products it boosts moisture levels and assists the skin to strengthen and regain its natural hydrating ability and youthful qualities, as well as plumping the skin.

Hada Labo Tokyo products have Super Hyaluronic Acid™, a unique and powerful combination of 3 types of hyaluronic acid, anchoring moisture to 3 different layers of the epidermis to rehydrate the skin at multiple levels. This results in superior, long-lasting moisture retention keeping the skin hydrated and less prone to wrinkles, promoting firmness and elasticity.

I received the full range of Hado Labo Tokyo products below to try out and review.

Super Hydrator Lotion Day & Night

This Super Hydrator Lotion is a light and watery lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin. The key ingredients in this product are Super Hyaluronic Acid, retinol complex, beta-carotene, collagen and Collaplus G. This unique formula works to hydrate and plump the skin from the inside out.

For best results use it morning and night after cleansing your skin before applying your moisturizer. It is non-greasy and free from parabens, mineral oil, dyes and fragrance. It can be applied over makeup.

Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator

This Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator lotion is easily absorbed into the skin. It has 4 types of Hyraluronic Acid, collagen and retinol that assist with hydrating skin that is dry and dehydrated. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The key ingredients in this lotion are Super Hyaluronic Acid, retinol complex, beta-carotene, collagen and Collaplus G.

For best results use it morning and night after cleansing your skin before applying your moisturizer. It is non-greasy and free from parabens, mineral oil, dyes and fragrance. It can be applied over makeup.

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

This cleanser is gentle and creamy, it purifies the skin while protecting and locking in moisture. It leaves the skin clean, silky smooth and moisturized. It may help with acne prone skin.

The key ingredients in this cleanser are Hyaluronic acid PLUS and Hyaloveil-P. It is free from fragrance, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, dyes, soap, and mineral oil. For best results use it daily, morning and night.

Intense Hydrating Skin-Plumping Gel Day & Night

This gel combines the skin perfecting power of a serum with the intense hydration of a moisturizer, improving overall quality of skin and restoring natural smoothness and plumping. It instantly hydrates and nourishes skin and after four weeks of use fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, bounce and elasticity are restored and skin texture is refined.

The key ingredients in this gel are Super Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, arginine and ceramide. It is free from fragrance, parabens, dyes, and mineral oil. For best results apply daily in the morning or evening after applying Super Hydrator Lotion.

Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Reducer Day Cream

This advanced anti-wrinkle cream absorbs into the skin easily offering intense, deep moisturization. The key ingredients in this anti-ageing cream are Super Hyaluronic Acid, soy peptide complex, collagen, and vitamin E. The collagen and Vitamin E firms the skin, improves elasticity and assists to remove wrinkles.

It is free from fragrance, parabens, dyes, and mineral oil. For best results apply every morning after cleansing.

Oval V-Lift Hydro Cream

This cream provides intensely rejuvenating multi-layer hydration for dry and dehydrated skin while you sleep. It’s key ingredients are Super Hyaluronic Acid, soy peptide complex, collagen, and Japanese honeysuckle. It is free from fragrance, parabens, dyes, and mineral oil.

This cream transforms the look of ageing skin during the night by addressing multiple visible signs of ageing.

Overnight skin will feel softer, smoother and more hydrated and it will look dewy and fresh. Within two weeks of regular use skin is firmer, has more cushion and has more bounce-back. With four weeks of regular use skin appears more lifted and neck sagging is improved.

For best results apply at night after cleansing and applying Hada Labo Tokyo’s Anti Ageing Super Hydrator Lotion.

Deep Wrinkle Correct Eye & Mouth Cream

This cream is specially formulated to help remove fine lines and wrinkles, as well as smooth and lift the skin around the eye and mouth area. Key ingredients in this cream are Super Hyaluronic Acid, pink silk tree bark extract, camapu extract, collagen, caffeine, and light diffusing pigments. It is free from fragrance, parabens, dyes, and mineral oil.

For best results use morning and night after applying Hada Labo Tokyo Anti Ageing Super Hydrator Lotion and Anti Ageing Day or Night Cream

Hada Labo Tokyo creams and plumping gel

My Hada Labo Tokyo Review

The first thing that stood out for me when I unboxed my Hada Labo Tokyo hamper was how beautiful and high end the packaging is. Everything is so shiny and striking. You have to admit that when you get something in a beautiful box it makes you feel pampered before you even open and try the products. First impressions mean a lot and I was very impressed right from the start.

I’ve been using all the products for a month now and I’m loving every single one. My skin is prone to getting dry now that I’m over 40, especially now with the warmer weather and the wind in the West Coast is unforgiving. I’m looking younger and my skin is looking brighter and in much better health than before.

My favourite products are the Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator and the Oval V-Lift Hydrator Cream. The Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator is simply outstanding. There are often times during the day when my face feels dry and worn out and I’ve gotten into the habit of quickly applying this product when that happens and the difference is immediate in the way that I feel and look.

The Oval V-Lift Hydrator Cream is my next top pick, I love how moisturized and soft my face is after using it.

I have to mention the one downside of receiving an amazing hamper of such superb quality skincare products – my husband is big on face products and he not only dug in with gusto, he requested regular facials from me. Talk about stealing my self-care right? My husband spends more every month than I do on skincare products so he was delighted when I received this hamper and tried out all the products.

My husband’s top pick is the Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Reducer  day Cream, he said it is one of the best creams he has used to date. I’ve let him keep it but made him promise to leave the rest of the products for me.

The Deep Wrinkle Correct Eye & Mouth Cream is lovely. I’ve got loads of wrinkles forming around my mouth so it was great to get something special for that area and my wrinkles have not been as noticeable since starting to use it.

The cleanser is very gentle and effective. I’ve tried a lot of facial cleansers that are so harsh on the skin, leaving my skin clean but dry and tight afterwards. This cleanser cleans my skin perfectly and leaves my skin feeling nourished.

The plumping gel immediately nourishes my skin and now that I have been using it regularly for a month I’m starting to notice that my skin is looking more youthful.

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  1. I need to need this not I want to need this. Any facial products would really be such a great gift! Every month I set out to get myself some products but with the household and kids and hubby, I skip pass the products but cringe because I actually do need to start taking care of my skin to avoid further damage.??

    • Oh I feel you Natasa, with looking after our families we so often leave our self-care for last which means it often doesn’t happen! Good luck!

      • This sounds like a really amazing product on my skin. Would love to give it a try and see how it works on my sensitive skin. I would gladly appreciate it if i should win this prize. Would be forever grateful as i always had low confidence with regards to my skin and struggling with acne was one of them

      • I’m sure it will work great on your skin Fatgieyah, it is a very gentle range 🙂

    • Would love to try these products out as my skin needs much rescue lol.i hve very bad skin..with marks n acne.the products sounds amazing

  2. This sounds like amazing products – would so love to try this as I suffer with dry, dull skin as well & the wrinkles are creeping up too 😀

  3. This sound like an awesome skincare range… I will love to try this out, since I have become a bit older and my skin needs more care and pampering…

  4. Crossing fingers and toes. Informative and detailed review of the products?

  5. Chantal Pretorius

    Hada Labo Tokyo Hamper is an amazing give away. I would really like to use the range and see if it would help with my dry and hydrated skin. I would not mind as I start showing fine lines (wrinkles) which happens going over 40, to get them reduced fir a more firm skin.

  6. Anti-ageing is exactly what I need. I find the older I get, the dryer my skin gets!

  7. Ooohhhh this looks so good for my skin. Would love to have a try.

  8. Thankfully I won’t have hubby to bother me for a share, lol. It will be ALLL MINE #WINWITHKABOUTJIE

  9. Definite drought where skin care is concerned. Hada Labo Tokyo sounds exciting and I would be over the moon if I was chosen to experience it. ???

  10. Kerry Ten Hoorn Boer

    This is an amazing prize! I would absolutely love to win this. Fingers crossed ?

  11. The product sounds promising would love to try it!!!

  12. Heard so much about the Hyal… acid haha it’s hard to say. It was nice to read about all these products. Would be lovely to try

  13. I would luv to try this product

  14. WOULD LOVE THIS PRIZE. I feel like a scaly croc with this dry weather so these products would help me feel young again and my skin soft and suppled.

  15. Lois Carol Wessels

    Would love to try thus range as my skin nails & hair has deteriorated since undergoing a complete Thyroidectomy. Desperately need the skin TLC.

    • It sounds like this range would be perfect for you! I got sunburnt over the weekend when I was away and when I got home last night I put on my Hada Labo Tokyo products (which I had left at home) and it really helped relieve the burn. It really is a fantastic range!

  16. This looks like a fantastic product, especially the Anti Ageing Super Hydrator.
    Holding thumbs, this would be such a lovely spoil x

  17. The product descriptions and your excellent review sounds like the products I’ve been searching for!

  18. This would be an amazing skin care range to be able to use especially now with old age around the corner.

  19. Hi,
    I didn’t find the expiration date of the hydrator and cream. I was surprised. I decided to check the info on the website but no result. Do you know something about expiration date?

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Hi Elena, sorry I don’t have any information on expiry dates – I’m sure expiration dates of products are shown on the products?

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