A Guide To The Perfect Date – Family Challenge Book And Other Great Ideas

Now that things have been starting to ease out with the original restrictions placed during the COVID pandemic. Many people have been feeling a sense of freedom, this freedom comes with wanting to get out and about and do loads of things, making up for the lost time. 

One of the things that affected people during this time was loneliness, and not everyone got the opportunity to go to different places to have fun with their friends and family as they should. However now, the chance to do all these things and the possibilities are endless. One of the things people are excited to experience is dating again. Whether you are on one of the popular dating apps or want to meet someone at the club or birthday party and not everyone knows the ropes. 

We, have done the hard work for you, in handpicking some of the top things you can do to help you with this, and if you ever run out of ideas to come up with things to do on your first, or second date, the below brief guide with a few adventurous ideas may just get you, or your date, seeing stars! Both literally and figuratively.

Let’s jump in.

A Guide To The Perfect Date - Family Challenge Book And Other Great Ideas

Take A Cooking Class

Yes! finally, you get to do some authentic cooking at one of the many venues that offer it. Cooking is one of the best things to do, as it helps to de-stress you, plus you learn something new while you’re at it. Why not book a cooking class for your partner, and learn how to make some traditional Vietnamese or German food?

This is a pretty guaranteed way to create a sense of bonding and things won’t be awkward, as you will be busy cooking, and chatting at the same time. Did you know cooking can enhance your endorphins and boost your confidence? Don’t believe us, read this article to find out more.

A Day Trip

Who doesn’t love an adventurous day trip in the forests of the Rocky Mountains? If you have a car or a van, and know the person already but are looking to get to know them more romantically, this is a good idea. Take them on a day trip or, even better, plan a camping trip for the both of you, if they agree. It can be done easily in 4 easy steps such as the ones mentioned on this link: https://www.active.com/outdoors/articles/how-to-plan-a-camping-trip-4-simple-steps

Another trip to plan could also be to head out to the beach and get some alone time with them. This may not work if you don’t know them, as not everyone trusts the other person on the first date, and rightly so.

Visit outdoor market

Get Outdoors and Visit a Market

Going for a walk in the park is well and good, but turn it up a notch and visit some of the many flea markets opened around different cities now. Perhaps a farmer’s market is your thing? Wandering from one stall to the next is a good way to get to know someone as you will pick up on the things they like and don’t like.

If you’re hitting the spot and getting some good vibes, you could even earn some points by buying the other person something cute or something they have their eye on. If the weather is good, a farmer’s market is an excellent way to grab some produce and have a picnic outdoors. 

Grab a Family Challenge Book and Camera

We saved the best for last – a Family Challenge Book. This is one of the best ways to put all of the above ideas into one and give you almost 50 different ideas on things to do, and the best part is, each one is a surprise. 

The family challenge book, is filled with great ideas for couples or those trying to impress their date, and if you are all out of ideas, this book has a space for individual ideas that you can scratch out and be surprised, and the best part is, you have to do them, and cannot back out. Don’t worry they’re all safe, and fun.

You have a choice of getting one with a camera, or on its own, if you already have one that takes Polaroid images. So, each time you scratch the idea and do it, you take a picture and stick it on top of the idea. Thus, building amazing memories and experiences for your kids, or family or friends. 

What’s great about this is you can choose one for the entire family, just for you, or for friends, and each one has a bunch of unique and do-able things that will keep you busy for hours and get to know everyone while you are doing the deeds.  

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  1. We love to go ons family trips with the kids! We love spending time together as a family! Hubby and I also have date night once a month just the 2 of us!

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