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10 Things Every Mom Should Know About Cars

Being moms, you have to keep everything on track; and that too, every single time. From your kids’ homework to their daily lunch boxes- nothing can miss your watchful eyes. But just as you try your best to whip up a sumptuous lunch for your kids, or spend hours helping them with their weekly assignments; it is equally important to pep up on your driving skills for saving money on car repair.

But do you really need to drive? If so, then why? Well, driving ends up being incredibly handy when it comes to buying groceries, going for quick errands, or even picking up your little ones from school.

But then again, how does one actually start out? Fret not! That is exactly what we’re going to find out in the following section. In case you’re still wondering what this is about, here’s everything that you always wanted to know about mom and cars.

10 Things ever mom should know about cars

1.    Know the basic mechanics of your car

If you’re a mom who’s looking to save money on car repairs, one of the first things that you need to do is understand the basic mechanics of your car. Try to figure out how your car works and observe the sound and/or the smell it emits.

Both the sounds and smell of your engine can be the first indicators that something is not working in your car. Look out for subtle changes and shaky sounds. Usually this happens due to low fuel. So once you spot the issue, visit a gas station right away before it takes a bigger shape.

2.    Observe your parking lot

Saving money on car repair is easier than ever if you always make it a point to inspect the place where you had parked the car. While at times, you can locate leaking pipes where the oil leaves a black patch on the floor; there can also be a situation where you tires are deflated.

In either case, if you’re attentive enough you end up avoiding major problems in the long run.

3.    Always try driving your car in standard transmission

If you’re a mom who tends to drive often, understanding how to operate the manual transmission is extremely necessary. You really won’t know when you’d actually need to use a stick shift. So a good idea would be to understand the concept beforehand.

We’d also recommend you to use a car with a big displacement motor, as they tend to work way better for the ones who are just starting out.

4.    Understand how your car operates in adverse situations

Don’t get worked up when your car suddenly starts spinning or sliding. Try to be as calm as possible. When you encounter an issue like this, try to locate an isolated stretch of road and right after that, try sliding or spinning your car.

While we do know that this is one of the worst scenarios to experience, try to feel what your car is exactly doing. Eventually start gaining confidence by controlling the car and steering the spin. Practice this in winters, to be well prepared for a situation like this.

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5.    Do not tailgate your car

If you’re really looking to avoid bumps and damages while driving, always make it a point to keep a proper distance between your car and the vehicle right before you. This will give you necessary time for reacting if the car right in front of you suddenly pulls a break.

Also keep ample distance between your car and the adjacent car during adverse weathers. But while you do this, make sure you’re not bumped by the vehicle right behind you.

6.    Brush up on simple car maintenance tips

One of the best ways to work on money management while driving your car is by knowing the basic ways to maintain your car. Some of the things that you can try would be-

Almost all the procedures are mentioned in your cars’ manual. So make it a point to study it carefully, in order to cut down on the costs of car repair.

7.    Always keep the necessary car maintenance tools

This is another thing that you should do in order to save the exorbitant charges of getting your car repaired. As we already mentioned, always make it a point to brush up on your basic car maintenance tips. But additionally, you should always have the right tools with you while you’re driving. Here are the things you might usually need.

  • Flares
  • Reflectors
  • Spare tires
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Replacement bulbs

8.    Always check the level of oil and water in your car

If you’re a mom who drives a bit too often, it is extremely important to check the water and oil levels of your car on a daily basis. In this context, always ensure that your oil is perfectly smooth and clean. Dark and grimy oil indicates an immediate oil change.

Similarly, checking the water level of your car will ensure that its radiator (the device which cools the cars’ engine) has ample supply to prevent it from being overheated.

9.    Learn how to fix air pressure issue in your car

Almost all moms have encountered a situation, when the moment you’ve turned on the car, a small alarm keeps reminding you that the tire pressure is relatively low. But guess what? Fixing this issue is easier than ever.

  • Start by using a tire pressure gauge for checking the exact pressure of your tire.
  • If the pressure turns out to be low, slowly remove your tires’ valve caps to fill them with air.
  • While doing this, make sure your car is quite near the compressor so that you can easily locate the four tires.
  • Now place the nozzle of the hose on the tires valve and press down as much air as you can.
  • Finally stop when you meet the recommended air pressure for your car.

10. Always keep your car clean 

Although this goes without saying, some moms, being incredibly busy tend to overlook this department. As a mom, keeping your car is extremely important. Not only does it exude proper hygiene but at the same time, it also ensures that your car functions flawlessly over the years.

On a final note

Now that you’re completely aware of saving money on car repair, follow these guidelines to make your driving sessions, tad more enjoyable. Understand the mechanics of your car, try to fix the basic issues and practice driving as much as you can to enjoy the best from your ride.

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