Behind The Scenes 31 December 2021 – Goodbye 2021!

After a crazy year I am so happy to say goodbye 2021 and look forward to a fresh year. I just hope that 2022 brings more joy and less chaos and something we are all praying for: an end to this pandemic.

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Fantastic Christmas Celebration

We had an amazing Christmas last week with my parents and sister coming to stay for a week. It was great to get together for a family Christmas since last year we had a lockdown and could not travel. We spent our days on the beach and spending quality time together.

Christmas day we had a quiet Christmas lunch at home and all gifts (except for the kids) were homemade or small token gifts. I did some repurposing of gifts giving some of the things I was gifted by companies such as some of the vegan Nova Choc-Oh-Late for my sister and my mom got the Warner Media headphones. I made my dad crunchies and my hubby got some biltong and chocolate.

I was so happy with the gifts from my sister and parents. I received plants, plant cuttings, compost and wood from my parent’s farm. I love gardening and my pot garden was looking very sad so I’ve spent some time working on my garden with my mom and it is starting to really perk up.

New Year’s Eve Plans and Resolutions – Goodbye 2021

2021 has flown by but it has been a chaotic and hard year. I’m not sad at all to say goodbye 2021 and looking forward to starting a new year. This one did me in a bit.

My kids are away at my parents so it is just me and my hubby at home this New Years so we are going to have a quiet night in having a braai. I doubt we will stay up to see the new year in and rather opt for some TV in bed and go to sleep early and sleep late.

As for resolutions, I have never really been one to make new year resolutions. I always have goals but I work on these throughout the year. I don’t enjoy the pressure of making and having to keep resolutions at the start of the year.

Quiet Week

With my kids away and most businesses closed during the festive season it has been so quiet and peaceful.

The best feeling is that my kids left on Tuesday and I had a lady come in to clean on Wednesday – the house is still clean! Usually when she comes to clean there is a period of about 15 minutes where I get to enjoy my clean home between the time she leaves and the time my kids get home from school. When my kids get home it does not take them long to make it look like nothing was cleaned.

This week I get to really enjoy my clean home, get some rest, enjoy the peace and quiet plus spend some quality time with my husband.

I did manage to make my new rate card and media kit for my business and upload it to my advertising page and send it out to my customer base.

Ysense – Goals Slayed This Month

I’m super happy with my Ysense achievements for December. I reached my goal of 200 active referrals last week which means I am at the maximum of 30% commission. I also reached my goal of making $100+ this month for the first time ever.

Last week I published a post sharing tips for earning more with Ysense and I also have a review on Ysense that I published in 2020 – click here to read it.

If you want to earn some extra income through completing surveys online click here to sign up.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I will catch up with you all in 2022!

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