Top 10 Personalised Gifts Ideas for Baby

A new addition to the family is a moment to be celebrated, and nothing welcomes a new baby to the world like an extra special gift. Take a look at our top pick of personalised gifts for baby – and their family.

1.    Baby Shoes

Is there anything cuter than a pair of tiny baby shoes? Even the least maternal people go a little bit mushy over a teensy pair of shoes, and what better way to set a child on their path in life than with a beautifully crafted pair of soft leather shoes? These personalised bear shoes are designed to be worn for a few weeks and cherished for a lifetime.

2.    Tankard

OK, it might not be practical, but a personalised tankard is customary. If the parents are sticklers for tradition, then this could be the perfect gift for their new born.

3.    Baby Bibs

There are a few things that you can guarantee when you welcome a bundle of joy into the world, and one of them is dribble! Bibs are new parents’ best friends, so it’s lucky that they come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles. Make it extra special with striking, personalised bibs.

4.    Cutlery

Practical, cute and totally indulgent, personalised cutlery is a gift for the baby who can grow up expecting great things. With this cutlery set, they may not be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but they’re not far off……

5.    First Christmas Bauble

Whether baby is born in spring, summer, autumn or winter, a Christmas bauble is the perfect baby gift. It will be used year on year and evoke wonderful memories of Christmases gone by.

6.    Baby and Big Sibling Clothes

There may be a new arrival in town, but don’t forget the older siblings! These special personalised baby sibling and big sibling sets make sure that nobody feels left out; they’re super cute, too.

7.    Keepsake Box

Babies come into the world with a host of paraphernalia that needs to be kept safe. All those firsts – hospital wrist band, first clothes, first shoes, lock of hair, tooth, birthday candle….. the list goes on. A personalised keepsake box is an essential for any new parent to keep mementoes of those precious first moments.

8.    Personalised Book

Nothing is more magical than bedtime story time, when parents and baby snuggle down at the end of the day and delve into an imaginary world. This moment can be made even more special with a personalised book, which brings the child into the story and fuels little imaginations.

9.    Blanket & Bouquet

A personalised blanket is invaluable to new parents and will be likely to go wherever baby does for the first year or so. This blanket and bouquet set takes it to the next level; the stunning bouquet consists of blooms made from 100% cotton baby essentials, such as sleepsuits, socks and mittens interspersed with silk roses. Different, beautiful and practical: what’s not to love?

10. Personalised Money Box

We all know that life can be expensive. Set baby on the right track with a personalised money box; you could pledge to add £10 to it every birthday until they are 18. There area plenty to choose from, but this Noah’s Ark money box will look great in the nursery.

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