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8 Gift Ideas For The Coffee Enthusiast

Hot Coffee

Since the goat herder Kaldi discovered the potential of our beloved coffee beans centuries ago, it has become the staple for many individuals worldwide. Nothing beats the aroma of good quality coffee brewing somewhere in the distance and finding its way to you when you’re still in slumber mode and attempting to push yourself out of bed to start the day.

Legend goes that Kaldi realised the potential of coffee once he noticed that his goats became so energetic after eating the berries from a certain tree that they wouldn’t go to sleep at night. As word moved east and coffee found their way across the Arabian Peninsula, the journey of these precious beans started and spread across the globe and I for one, am extremely grateful.

It can be quite the arduous task to find the perfect gift for someone special in your life to show them how much you appreciate and adore them. There is a range of quirky and functional gifts available online that will tick all the boxes when it comes to the perfect gift for that special coffee-loving person in your life.

We have shared a few of our favourite gift ideas to give you a few ideas on what to buy.

8 Gift ideas for the coffee enthusiast

  1. Coffee trunk of samplers

A lovely Gourmet gift basket filled with 24 specialty Arabica and Flavoured coffee samplers.

  1. Saucey Socks for men with funny slogan

You will most certainly put a smile on the face of the coffee loving men in your life with this fun gift.

  1. Coffee mug with funny slogan

  1. Trimm portable hand-held espresso maker and flask

With this innovative and high-quality portable and hand operated espresso maker, you can quickly and without hassle brew yourself a fresh cup of great tasting ground coffee whenever you want and wherever you are.

  1. Timcare Auto shut-off desktop mug warmer

Now this is a great gift for anyone that loves a hot cup of coffee, milo or tea. This coffee warmer is an excellent choice as a birthday, Christmas or any other thoughtful gift.

  1. Funtopoly coffee prescription mug

This fun-loving “coffee” prescription mug is ideal for coffee lovers with a vibrant sense of humour. An excellent gag gift for co-workers, friends or family and those working for long-hours or in the medical profession.

  1. Leadnovo Auto self-stirring mug with cat design

This steel self-stirring cup is an excellent gift to be used at home, the office or travel for making Tea, Hot chocolate, Keto coffee, milk, protein shaker etc.

  1. Coffee and chocolate premium gift basket

There is one thing that might be better than coffee and that is chocolate but having both is like a dream come true.

This irresistible gift brings you the best of both worlds with a wonderful selection of gourmet treats and a collection of robust gourmet coffees. This beautifully shrink-wrapped gift with festive ribbon makes an excellent indulgent gift and whoever the lucky recipient is, they will love you for it.

The basket includes:

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