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6 Baby Shower Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Whenever you are heading over to a baby shower, you might be wondering if the gift you got the expecting mother of the party is good enough. You might not have put enough thought into it and when she opens her gift, you might be worried that she won’t love it as much as you thought she would. There’s no need to go through that stress and frustration! There are plenty of great baby shower gifts out there that you can get for expecting mothers that they are sure to love. Just keep reading down below to learn more about the top gifts you can get and why they are so great.

6 baby shower gifts for expectant mothers

  1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers

Of course, one of the biggest expenses that a mother is going to have when they are raising their baby is the cost of diapers. These things can seriously get expensive, but there’s nothing that mothers can do about it – babies have got to have diapers! That’s why a big pack or two of diapers is a great gift for any expecting mother. They are going to be super happy when they see that they already have a big supply of diapers to work off of when their baby is born.

  1. Some great coconut oils

Did you know that coconut oil is actually a really great gift for any baby shower? This might sound a little bit weird, but think about it. Coconut oil is one of the best ways to get rid of rashes that babies (or adults) might be facing. And that’s definitely something that this new mother is going to be dealing with as her baby grows up. A big jar of high-quality coconut oil is going to help her deal with these rashes and make them go away to soothe her child.

  1. An amazing nursing pillows

Nursing can be a pretty uncomfortable thing. If you are worried about this new mother having a bad neck or back thanks to nursing, then you can get her a nursing pillow. This is fantastic for ensuring that the mother is comfortable while she is nursing her newborn bundle of joy.

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  1. Some kind of sling or wrap

Of course, carrying around her baby is one of the things that a new mother is going to be thinking a lot about. What is the best way to bring your child around with you? And the answer to that question is a sling or a wrap. Other than a new audio system from Vinyl Vintage, this is one of the best gifts you can give to a new mother. You can easily buy these online to get for the new mother. That way, she isn’t going to have to worry about the best way to carry around her newborn baby as she goes about the house or around the town. Plus, this is going to keep her newborn close to her body, which has been shown to seriously comfort babies.

  1. Baby soap that’s not toxic

Baby soap is something that many new mothers don’t know how to deal with. What kinds of soap are going to be safe to use when bathing their newborn? What happens if there are toxins in the soap? Make sure to search online or at your local store to find some newborn baby soap that’s non-toxic. This is going to seriously help the new mother keep her child clean and ensure they are growing up healthy and strong.

Baby shoes

  1. Cute little baby shoes

One of the best things that you can get that new mother in your life are cute little baby shoes. Now, her newborn isn’t going to be walking around or crawling anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean that a newborn baby doesn’t need some soft baby shoes. These are going to ensure that the baby’s feet are kept warm and cozy.

There you have it! Baby shower gifts might not be your expertise, but these are great gifts that any new mother is going to love. Go out and create a nice gift for that special new mother in your life!

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  1. Your right @lynne coconut oil works amazingly,I’ve been using it from the first week of my pregnancy for stretch marks and it’s really works plus its much affordable

  2. I normally gift a nappie bag with a few essentials for all the baby showers that I attend.
    A small breakdown of the essentials that fill up the nappie bag is, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion, Bum Cream, Vaseline, Wet Wipes, Glycerine, Facecloths, Cotton wool buds and not forgetting Baby Oil.
    Three of the people that I had gifted these goodies to have used it as a starter kit to take to hospital, when I heard that I felt so glad that I could off helped in such a way.

    Being a mom, you know what gifts was necessary and which you could have done without, so I gift what I know that I would appreciate the most.

  3. I love gifting a bottle sterilizer It helps the mom out so much I know because I use to boil my babies bottles and it was a nightmare I even burnt a few bottles until I got this.

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