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5 First Father Day Gifts Ideas for New Dads

Father with baby

Father’s Day is a very special day for me for two reasons. Firstly I absolutely love my dad, I am unashamedly still a Daddy’s Girl and I worship my dad. He is such a special person that I hold close to my heart.

Secondly my husband is an amazing father. I fell in love with him when I met him and I fell even more in love with him when our babies were born. The fierce love and tenderness he has for our children melts my heart every single day.

Father’s Day is for me a special day when I can show my father and my husband how much I appreciate them in their roles as fathers. Well I try to do that every day but on this day I can plan something special and get them a nice gift which is something I really enjoy doing.

In the blink of an eye it will be Father’s Day again so here are some gift ideas for new dads this Father’s Day:


Experience Voucher

Send your baby daddy off on an adventure so he can get some “me time” – trust me he needs it too. Plenty of dads work all day and then help out in the home when they are not at their job. Sometimes a dad must just get away and play a bit so give him a great excuse.

Think of something your baby daddy loves to do and get him a voucher for that. It could be shark cage diving which is what comes to mind immediately when I think of my husband, bungee jumping, sky diving or something calmer like a day out on a canoe or fishing.

You could even send him for a massage day which will relieve his stress and tensions.

While this type of gift is not sentimental it may be just what your baby daddy needs to rejuvenate and to find himself again. It’s not just moms that lose touch with who they are when they become parents, its dads too.

Special Shirt

I love special shirts and I have bought a couple for my hubby, especially the father son matching shirts which really tug at my heart strings. There are so many lovely shirts to choose from.

One that I stumbled across recently is a dad bod shirt from, this really appeals to me and I will explain why. When I met my husband he was on the skinny side and all muscle. Which is nice in its own way. It’s hot and all.

I have now spent the last 7 years fattening him up and he is now cuddly and soft around the edges which is comfortable and it suits him. I’ve heard that when men become fathers they get a little chubbier – hence the dad bod.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera + Fuji Instant Film with Accessories

This is an awesome gift for a new dad to enable him to take photos and it comes with everything that you will need. You may already have a digital camera in your home but printing out photos instantly like you can with a Polaroid is so much more fun and convenient too.

Here’s what’s included in this bundle: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera, 2 Instant Film 20-Packs, Camera Case with Adjustable Strap, 64-Photo Album, Selfie Lens, 4 Colored Filters, 10 Hanging Frames, 10 Clips and String, 60 Sticker Frames, 5 Plastic Stand-Up Frames, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

There are loads of different cameras on the market you could get for your baby daddy but this overall package looks simply amazing and will give him everything he needs to start capturing precious memories.

Books For Daddy and Baby

I personally believe that you should read to your children every day. It gives you some time to engage with your child every day and it is a wonderful way to teach your children things. It also helps your child with understanding language when they hear stories repeated in conjunction with looking at the pictures.

Giving your baby daddy some books for him to read to his baby will give them a new way to interact and bond.

Some lovely book choices would be Just Me And My Dad (Little Critter), Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, I Love You Daddy and My Dad Loves Me.

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Baby Hand Footprint Frame With Photo

Baby hand and footprint frames are so super cute, plus they are a memorable keepsake. Take your baby’s hand and footprints at the time of Father’s Day and include a beautiful photo of daddy with baby.

Some of the baby hand footprint kits come with clay and others work with paint so make sure you know which one you would prefer to get for daddy.

Your baby daddy is sure to cherish this personal father day gift.

What Father Day gift did you get for your baby daddy on his first Father’s Day?

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