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12 Great Mix ‘n Match Gifts For Little Girls

Pile of Gifts

Buying birthday gifts for my children’s friends is so much easier and fun when I buy a variety of small gifts rather than one large and more expensive gift. I remember when I was little my grandmother’s presents were always the best. She never bought just one gift for us, when we received a gift it was often a bag full of awesome goodies that were well thought out gifts. Yes she also would buy us big presents too but it is the bundles of gifts that I remember most and loved the best.

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Another bonus about buying gifts this way is that often I don’t know the child very well or what she loves, this makes buying one gift a little tricky. Giving a number of small gifts means you are sure to give a number  of things that she will love even if there is one or two things she is not too fond of.

I often stock up on certain items which means I can get them for cheaper plus then I already have things at home ready for when a birthday arrives. It just takes the heat off of me when it comes to all the errands I need to run and things I need to remember.

Here are 12 of my favorite mix ‘n match gifts for little girls:

Hair Accessories

Most little girl loves hair accessories, whether it be pretty hairbands, clips or baby headbands. Hair accessories needn’t cost a fortune, chances are high you can buy them for a very reasonable price especially if you buy in bulk from a wholesale store.

Nail Polish

Something has to be said about girls and nail polish. I have yet to meet a little girl that is not over the moon to find a little bottle of nail polish in her birthday gift.

Once again you needn’t spend a fortune, these can be picked up at a discount store for next to nothing!

Kids Jewelry

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – you are very unlikely to go wrong with adding in some kids jewelry for girls.

Kids Sunglasses

Kids sunglasses are always a big hit with kids . In fact this is something I always include in both my kids Christmas stockings every year.

A Purse or Little Bag

Girls love little bags and purses to play with. My daughter loves pencil bags, handbags, purses and even the gift bags that her gifts come in. She loves packing things in them and walking around.


Bubblebath is another favorite of kids and it will be hard to go wrong with this one. There are plenty of bubblebath product available for kids in princess and other themes.

Coloring Books

Kids love coloring in plus coloring actually comes with loads of benefits for kids. Adding in a coloring book or an activity book will make the gift extra special. I love it when my kids get things that keep them busy like coloring books.

Coloring Pencils

Coloring pens or pencils make for the perfect accompanying gift for coloring books. My daughter is always over the moon when she gets new coloring pens and pencils. She has loads already but for her there is just never enough.


Bubbles are another firm favorite of mine to add to gifts for kids, every time I see a kid catch sight of bubbles their eyes light up with happiness. Bubbles are another item that are always on my Christmas stocking fillers list!


Need I say more? There is something about kids and stickers that is amazing to watch. I remember when I was a little girl we would collect stickers in photo albums and every year there would be “sticker season” where everyone brings their collections to school to swap and ooh and aah over. Does sticker season even exist anymore?

Craft Sets

There are lots of lovely little craft sets that are very reasonably priced in the discount stores. Things like sand art sets, mosaic sets and beading sets are loved by most little girls.


A little gift bag full of goodies would never be complete without some sweeties in it would it? There are so many sweets and chocolates to choose from, so add something that you think the little girl will love. My favorite choice here is chocolate coins. You have to admit that chocolate coins are special!

What are your favorite gifts to buy for little girls? Do you like to buy one big gift or do you mix and match smaller gifts like I do?

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