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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday to show the number one woman in your life how much you appreciate her and everything she does for you. But honestly, how do you properly thank the person who brought into the world? Well, you can start with one of these fantastic gift ideas.

The list we’ve curated is full of unique and memorable gifts that are sure to woo the most important woman in your life. From a new take on the traditional flowers to trendy kitchen applies, there’s something for every kind of mom in this list we’ve curated. And while the occasion for this list is Mother’s Day, you don’t need to stop there—these gifts are great for all the women in your life on any day you see fit.

Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Endless Flowers

There’s something to be said about the delightful surprise of getting a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to your door, and we’re sure your mom would agree. But what’s better than a surprise bouquet of flowers? A surprise bouquet of flowers every month. Bouqs is a flower delivery subscription that delivers a fresh, unique bouquet once a month. Now that’s a gift that’ll keep giving, all year long.

Or Endless Wine

If flowers aren’t really your mom’s thing, maybe wine is. For the moms that appreciate a glass or two of wine every now and then, Winc provides the same service as above but with wine instead of flowers. High-quality recommendations and wonderfully tasting wine will have your mom thinking of you every time she sits down with her evening glass of red.

A Beautiful Birthstone Ring

No Mother’s Day gift guide would be complete without jewelry. If your lovely mother is expecting something a little more traditional, consider this Claddagh ring with a March birthstone. These divine rings, made in Ireland, are the perfect gift for the mom whose birthday coincides with Mother’s day.

Or a Celtic Variant

Claddagh’s birthstone jewelry is magnificently gorgeous. So much so that we recommend it twice in this guide! So for mothers who want a little culture in their jewelry, consider one of Claddagh’s Celtic birthstone rings. Perfect for the mother who enjoys representing their Irish passion and pride.

A Tasteful Collage

Personalized gifts are wonderful—what better way to show your mother the thought and effort you put into picking the perfect gift for her special day? But for the mom that has everything, how do you find that new gift idea that carries the right message? Minted comes to mind. Their service offers a way to upload your favorite photos of you and your mom and create a collage from them. Customize the style and the frame and watch as your mom’s face lights up over her new favorite gift.


Is your mom insatiably curious and fascinated with her ancestry? Many moms are. And if you haven’t already gotten her one, an AncestryDNA kit from might just be the perfect gift for an inquisitive mother. These kits are simple to use and, once they’re turned in, your mom can dive deep into her history and find out exactly where she came from. Who knows, she may even find a long-lost relative!

An iRobot Roomba

For the moms out there that love gadgets—especially ones that make their lives easier—a Roomba from iRobot is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. These dandy little robots are the greatest inventions since, well, moms. It’ll map your mother’s home, empty itself and can be easily controlled from your mom’s smartphone. Every time she comes home to sparkling floors, she’ll think of you.

A Potted Plant for Green Thumbed Mothers

Plants are a pretty popular gift for Mother’s Day. But if your mom is of the green thumb variety, consider getting her something with a little more depth than a simple houseplant—like a personalized plant from The Sill. Not only can you customize the pot the beautiful plant comes in, but the company hosts wonderful virtual plant workshops too.

A Weighted Plush Blanket

Got a mom that loves to cuddle? Unfortunately, we can’t always be around to hug our moms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give her the comfort and presence of our thoughts—with a little added weight. A weighted plush blanket is a perfect gift for the mom that has throws covering her couch. And with a weighted plush on Mother’s Day, every time she cozies up to watch her favorite shows or read a book, she’ll think of you.

A Kindle Paperwhite

While your mom’s cuddled up with her new weighted blanket, give her something good to read with a Kindle Paperwhite. For the moms that still like to read their paperbacks, Amazon’s Paperwhite is a perfect choice to transition to e-readers—it’s designed to look and feel exactly like a real book. And it’s waterproof too, so she can take it to the beach or the pool with her.

An Air Fryer

We want our moms to be as healthy as possible. But fried foods are just so delicious. Well, now we can have both with an air fryer. This one from Philips is a great option. These delightful little appliances give food a delicious fried test without all the extra gunk and oil that comes along with it. If your mom is a sucker for comfort food, she’ll absolutely love this on Mother’s Day. Just be sure to bring a bag of chicken with you when you deliver it.

Giving the Gift that Counts

There’s something in this list for every kind of mother and every budget. But at the end of the day, what counts is that you choose your Mother’s Day gift with care. Whatever you get her, she’s sure to love it.

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