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Common Christmas Card Mistakes To Avoid

If you plan on sending out Christmas cards or thank you christmas cards, you must put in the effort to ensure that they are appropriate, timely, and personal. While receiving Christmas and thank you cards can be a pleasant experience, grammatical errors, poor spellings, and rude language could make the experience embarrassing and unpleasant. The following are common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Late Arrivals

Your Christmas cards should arrive on time. Prepare them early and come up with a card-sending a strategy that addresses possible delays. Your Christmas card should arrive about three weeks before Christmas, and the thank you card should arrive two weeks after Christmas. If you miss the window, consider sending New Years’ cards instead.

  1. Failure to Include Inscriptions

While photos are great, they shouldn’t take up all the space on your Christmas card. Leave some room for a brief inscription. The pictures of smiling faces are not enough to send the message.

  1. Impersonal Messages

All your holiday cards should have a personal touch. Even though there are instances when generic messages may be appropriate, try to make them personal where possible. It makes the cards feel more thoughtful and special.

  1. Grammatical Errors and Typos

Always proofread your card to ensure that there are no grammatical or typing errors. You will be spending a lot of money on your card, so you must ensure that it is perfect before sending it out. Typing and grammatical errors can throw off the aesthetics of a good card. It is possible to make a mistake even when you have a good grasp of grammar.

  1. Rude or Offensive Content

While it is okay to make jokes on your Christmas card, be careful not to come off as offensive. Try to minimize the jokes as much as possible and go through to content to ensure that it isn’t offensive. Be aware of words and phrases that may come off as offensive to certain groups of people.

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  1. Failure to Close

After designing your card, remember to close it. Appropriate closings include ‘Happy holidays,’ ‘Season’s greetings,’ and ‘warm regards.’ Sign your name and your family’s name as well. Without the right closing remarks, your card may seem incomplete.

  1. Forgettability

The right cards should stay memorable for a long time. This is especially important when you are designing business Christmas cards. Try to avoid generic and boring cards as they may soon end up in the bin. Take advantage of bold patterns, fun themes, and a touch of your personality. You can be polite without being boring.

  1. Forgetting Some People

When sending out lots of cards, it is easy to forget about some people. Sending electronic cards may be a good idea if you have budget concerns. It is better to send too many cards than to forget about some people.

With a few Christmas card etiquette tips in mind, you can send your holiday greetings without coming off as boring or offensive. Most of the rules apply to the thank you cards as well.

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