Funny Mommy Stand Up Comedy – This is Brilliant!

Mary Ellen Hooper gave me such a laugh in this stand up comedy. Yes she is cracking jokes but the thing is that it is all so disturbingly true what she is saying.

So mommies have a good laugh!

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  1. Brilliant absolutely brilliant and so true I can relate to the shaved legs, I just leave them and let them just wipe away my tracks behind me. And also the shower I definitely can’t remember when last I had a proper shower for more than 10 minutes . This lady is brilliant

    • I am so glad you enjoyed that @karla 🙂 She is good, I also loved the shaved legs. I manage to shave mine maybe a handful of times a year… much to my husband’s misery!

  2. Really good she is good enjoyed this…and jip shaved legs i think alot of us can relate to that.

  3. Excellent!! Love the birthday gift she wanted….I definately need this for my birthday.

    • Yeah and the fact she had to eat it because she was so hungry… that part had me choking on my coffee.

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