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9 Fun Ways To Try To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

The desire to choose the gender of your baby has been a topic of fascination for centuries. While science hasn’t provided fool-proof methods, there are several fun and interesting techniques that couples have explored. Remember, no method can guarantee the gender of your baby, but it’s exciting to experiment with these ideas. Here are nine fun ways to try to choose the gender of your baby.

9 Fun Ways To Try To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

1. Ovulation Days

Timing is crucial when it comes to gender selection. Some believe that having intercourse closer to the day of ovulation increases the chances of conceiving a boy, while a few days before ovulation might increase the chances of a girl. There are ovulation predictor kits available to help you track this important window.

2. Orgasm

The theory here is that the alkaline secretions produced by women during orgasm may favour the survival of male sperm. So, if you’re aiming for a boy, encourage female orgasm during intercourse.

3. Sex Positions

Certain sex positions are thought to influence the chances of conceiving a particular gender. For instance, deep penetration positions are believed to favour conceiving a boy, while shallower penetration may increase the odds of having a girl. Experiment with positions like missionary or doggy style for a boy, and positions like the missionary with a pillow under your hips for a girl.

4. Time Of Day

The time of day at which you have intercourse can be a fun factor to experiment with. Some believe that morning intercourse is more likely to result in a boy, while evening intercourse is linked to a higher probability of conceiving a girl.

5. Even/Odd Days

An interesting tradition in some cultures suggests that if you conceive on even days of the month, you’re more likely to have a girl, and on odd days, a boy. While this method lacks scientific validity, it can be a fun way to introduce some excitement into the process.

6. Who Instigates

Another playful concept is that the gender of your baby is influenced by who instigates the sexual encounter. Some say that if the woman takes the lead, it increases the chances of having a girl, while if the man initiates, it might result in a boy.

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7. Types Of Food

Dietary choices can be entertaining and potentially have an impact on the gender of your baby. Some say that consuming foods high in potassium and sodium may favour the conception of a boy, while a diet rich in magnesium and calcium may lead to a girl.

8. Keeping The Man’s Genitals Hot/Cold

Temperature is a common factor in many gender selection techniques. Some recommend keeping the male partner’s genitals either warm or cold depending on the desired gender. To increase the chances of having a boy, try warm baths or wearing tight underwear. For a girl, opt for cold packs or loose-fitting clothing.

9. Frequency Of Sex

The frequency of intercourse may also play a role in gender selection. Some believe that daily or frequent intercourse is more likely to result in a boy, while less frequent encounters may increase the odds of having a girl.

While these methods can add some excitement to your journey to parenthood, it’s essential to remember that there’s no guaranteed way to choose the gender of your baby. The most important thing is to have a healthy, loving, and supportive environment for your child, regardless of their gender. Keep in mind that many of these techniques are not scientifically proven and should be taken with a grain of salt. Ultimately, the best way to have a happy family is to cherish the child you are blessed with, no matter their gender.

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  1. I can say this is true not knowing about this and read these points out now I had a boy and its like he will start not me so I can say this is true ill definitly try the other points for a second to be a girl then I’m blessed with a boy and girl if it does work out that way its also fine.

  2. Will try the diet that can assist with conceiving a girl.

  3. With my 1st born one I used to love sweet food my granny said I was going to get a girl. I was happy didn’t even go to do sonar I believed her I even bought girls clothes…. Then I gave birth to a boy! I do not believe the tales

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