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    Hello All.

    I am New on Kaboutjie, Thank you for having me.

    I am 34 years old and I have three amazing children. Two boys and a little girl, I say little because she is tiny fr her age.

    My eldest son has just turned 12, his name is Daiton and he is such a wonderful young man. A wise old man in a young persons body. My younger son’s name is Caylem and has a completely different personality to the elder one, he is a complete little monkey, he will be turning 10 on the 13/02.

    Then, of course, there is my little girl. Her name is Shanna and is a complete hippy, she can take twenty minutes just to walk down the garden path, because she will stop and count all the grasshoppers. She is a very soft little soul.

    Although I am a working mom, I only work to provided for my kids. They are my life totally.

    Anyway enough about my kids. Hee Hee Hee.

    I Love to read, I read about three or four books a week. I also love to be creative, i knit, I sew and i can crochet to.


    Adri la Grange
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    Welcome Nicola! It is nice to ‘meet’ you.😉

    I always find it very interesting how much children growing up in the same home can differ. It has to be genetics. What do you think about that?


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    Hi Nicola 🙂 Welcome
    Shanna sounds so adorable, simplicity at its best


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    Nice to meet you Ladies too.

    I agree with you totally, Adri, I think that it is genetics.

    Daiton is very much like my husband, Caylem is very much like my Brother and Shanna is very much like my Husbands sister. With a few differences of course.

    Shanna is adorable, she is truly a girls girl. Complete opposite to me, my dad always said I should have been a boy, which explains me to a tee. I could shoot a gun at the age of 8 and was always in the garage helping my dad with cars etc. I am also not a sensitive person in the slightest.

    Which is one of the things that I find very difficult to understand with Shanna. She is extremely sensitive and artistic, I cant even draw stick men. I have trained myself to count to 10 with Shanna, that way I don’t have the wrong reaction to her.


    Marazane Doubell
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    Hi Nicola. What an amazing job you are doing working full time and caring for three kids. That is absolutely wonderful and I am in awe of you. I only have 1 child and my life is so busy that I don’t know how you cope with three. Well done!


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    Hi Nicola!

    Welcome. I see that you enjoy reading! Here’s plenty of good material on Kaboutjie. So informative and relatable too.

    Working moms rock! So does stay-at-home moms too. Both have tremendous roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Think one has to be faithful in the season you are.

    Hope you have a great day.


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    Hi Nicola,

    I’m impressed by the way you manage to juggle your home and work responsibilities. It would be great to have some tips on time-hacks or things that you have found work well for you. I have two little ones and am working from home and I often feel like I am racing against the clock and trying to split myself in several directions!

    Have you found it has got a bit easier as the children got older? Everyone assures me it does, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming!

    Have a super day,


    Lynne Huysamen

    Oh my word @nixgallaghrtyahoo-com I just have to know how on earth you find time to read 3 to 4 books a week! I love reading and since my kids were born I just can’t seem to get to read a book anymore. Maybe it is the age difference? My oldest is 6 and my son is 4 so they still need a lot of attention.

    This gives me hope that one day I might be able to read again!

    Welcome by the way, it is lovely to have you here and get to know you.


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    Hi Lynne

    It is a lot of books.

    If I do not have a book to read then I cant sleep, I cannot read just any book either,
    it has to be a fantasy novel where the story line is completely far fetched. So that I can escape from reality for a bit. If I read crime novels or non fiction then I would never fall asleep, because I would not be able to turn off my mind.

    The funny thing is that I hated reading as a child and now I cannot put a book down once I start reading.



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    Hi Carolyn

    Nice to meet you!

    Yes, it definitely gets better as they get older, as the children seem to understand more. When they were little kids it was very difficult, because I felt that I was missing out on everything that they did as i was at work all day.

    The trick that I use is one that I learnt from a parenting workshop, about 8 years ago.
    I wish I could remember who the speaker was because he was excellent…. but my memory is not very good after 3 children.

    The topic was “A time and a Place” where he explained that you need to teach your kids that there is a time and a place for all things but you need to understand that YOU must make the time for them. Time at home is extremely structured which is a good and a bad thing. We have homework time, bath time, alone time, family time, mommy time, work time and so on.

    The most important time that I have with my kids is bed time. My husband and I take a few minutes each night to lie with each one of the kids and talk, we talk about anything they want to talk about school, cars, feelings, barbies the topics are endless. But this is their special time with us and no one is allowed to interrupt, unless it is an emergency.

    Hopefully this helps a little, like I said though, it didn’t always work when the kids are little.



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