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    I often dream about winning the Lotto.

    If I would be so lucky as to win the Lotto, I would not just spend it on myself. There is so much that I would be able to achieve with that money. But we’re not talking about just one million here.

    If I could win a few millions and I spend it wisely, I will be sorted for the rest of my life and I can ensure financial stability for my child and hopefully my grandchildren one day.

    This is what I would do with my millions:

    •Donate money to a few of our local charities that is very close to my heart
    •I will settle all my debt
    •I will buy a home at a small coastal town and grow a big vegetable and herb garden and I can give a forever home to a few shelter animals
    •I will buy a new reliable car so that we can set the one we currently have alight and never have to worry about paying to fix the car again
    •I will start my own business. I was thinking along the lines of a small bistro or an arts and crafts shop where I sell locally made crafts and therefore boost the income of local people
    •I will invest a big portion of my winnings and live off the monthly interest
    •I will become a stay-at-home Mommy and employ a Manager to manage my business
    •I will buy a house or flat for my Mom-in-law and my Mom and support them financially so that they don’t have to work a single day in their lives again
    •I will donate money to a select group of friends that can really do with a financial boost
    •I will not tell too many people of my winnings, only the select few that I trust to keep the information a secret.
    •I will start a trust that will provide for my children and their children one day when I am not around anymore

    What would you do if you could win the Lotto?

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