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    @lynne i have was thinkinb the same because im known to rotate a picture right on my device and i also think by uploaded onto web they use it the way it was captures LOL upside down its oky we can turn our devices to see the upside down pictures.


    Khomotso Chosen
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    Hello everyone my name is Khomotso and Chosen is my child’s name.


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    Nice to meet you Khomotso and Lisa 🙂

    My name is Lyndsay and my son is Tristan.


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    My name is Tamara, I am a single working mom to a beautiful 4year old little girl 🙂 My baby is EXTREMELY head strong, (which is what I wanted – just need to put up with it in the meantime lol) she keeps me on my toes and no two days are ever the same! I wouldn’t change it for anything on this earth 🙂


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    Hi lisa where are you we are missing you.


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    Hi Lynne and to all the mommies I’m a new member and just getting used to everything.There are so many things we as parents have questions about. It’s mind boggling how scary, exciting.and wonderful this experience of being responsible for these beautiful souls are.Im grateful to be in a forum of amazing mom’s cause as we all know we are “Rockstar”


    Caryn Ross
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    Lots of new things to discover, I just joined via a link on Facebook. Any advice on how to navigate and get going would be welcome!


    Adri la Grange
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    I am a brand new member of this group. I am 32 and a mother of a nearly two year old girl. I am employed full time, but I have the great privilege to mainly work from home. I am very thankful to be able to be with my daughter most of the time.


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    Hi @lisa. Welcome to Kaboutjie. I am also new here and trying to figure things out as I go along. You have a beautiful family, just as all the other wonderful mommies on Kaboutjie have. Great seeing all these photos of families and reading all the posts from other mommies.


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    Hi everyone!
    Excited to join this community of moms!
    I am mother to a four, nearly five, year old boy. I was at home with him until he was 18 months and then started working part time as a social worker for an NGO.
    I absolutely love being a mom, although it has been a challenging four years. I also have two angel babies.

    I am also wife to a phenomenal digital artist and we are in the first stages of building a t-shirt company. So lots happening!

    Looking forward to getting to know many of you.


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    Nice to meet you. I am Doreen. I have a 3 year old boy and decided to resign a year ago to be a stay at home mommy.


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    Hi Lisa, Welcome to Kaboutjie, I am also a new mommy still learning the ropes.
    It is very much fun as well as informative.

    I am a proud mommy of a 4 year old boy, the challenges and joys are wonderful memories


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    Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I am mom to an amazing 5 year old little boy. He is the light of my life 🙂 I just joined Kaboutjie and am loving it so far.
    Thanks for an amazing site!


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    Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum. We hope you will have an enjoyable time with all of us that are members already. Your little boy is gorgeous. Enjoy all the moments of being a first time mom.


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    Hi Khomotso and welcome to Kaboutjie. I love your daughters name, it is definitely unique.

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