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    Would it be important for your children to have the same initials? My friends sister is due with her 4th child in April. They have two girls and a boy already. Their names are
    Karson Lyle
    Katelyn Lucille
    Kallie Lynn

    They have not said that they will be naming this child with a K and a L but I bet that they do. What is your take on this? I have heard of other families using the same middle name for their children, such as a family I know has 3 girls and all of them have the middle name Anne.


    Lynne Huysamen

    I think that is awful – imagine one day when there are important documents or mail that comes and it says KL on all of them? What a confusion of note. If that is what someone wants for their family that is fine but I wouldn’t want it. My daughter and husband have the same initials but that wasn’t planned like that. My son and my father in law have the same name so they have the same initials.


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    I guess having the same initials is not a big deal for me. Or even having the same letter of the first name. I think of the Duggar family. How all of them are J names. I am not sure if they all have the same middle initial or not. But just think of how hard it would be to keep them straight. I have a hard enough time calling my cats but the right names. Hopefully when we have more kids I am not calling them each other’s names 🙂


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    I think kids of a family having the same initials are truly adorable and I have met many families as such. I have not met many with the same middle name though. If there is an important purpose as to why they have the same middle name, example to commemorate someone, then that is cool. As long as effort is placed into the name formation, it is commendable. The names of my friend’s sons and hers begin with the same letter, have the same number of syllabus, and they even begin with the same letter when the names are shortened to nicknames. I really admire that because a tremendous amount of thought has been placed into that otherwise it is impossible to come up with it.


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    I was named with my dads initials in mind. We are both TKJ – its never been a big thing but growing up i thought it was “pretty cool” as i was the only one of 3 children who had the same initials as my father 🙂


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    Tamara, I think that is really cool. I do imagine that it was pretty cool for you to be the only one of your siblings with the same initials. That is special.

    It does not bother me that much when people do this. It is their decision, but I think that each child should be treated uniquely.


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    I don’t want my kids to have the same initials as us. Each child is unique. My children’s names are from our names for example my husband’s second name is Christiaan so my son is called Tehan. I only have one name, which is Elena, and we decided to call our daughter Lené.

    We did not want to favour any grand parents so we did not use their names. I’ve got no problem with people doing that but same initials… that is not for me.

    Some families are still very traditional where as children must get a family name. Thank goodness our families are not like that. These types of pressure can really cause friction in a family.


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    I think that is sweet, coming from myself, sister and mom had the same initials growing up there wasnt much confusion.
    Actually had its perks like when i used to forget my libary card used to use my sisters and nobody knew cause was only our initials even though our teachers knew our first names it never reflected (^^,)


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    It may sound sweet and charming but from a practical point of view it is a nightmare. We still regularly have our private and confidential information sent to my in laws from the doctors offices as my husband and his father shares the exact same names and surname. We also live in the same town. I imagine my popularity when the medical aid, we are also on the same medical aid, sent my congratulations on the pregnancy hamper, at 12 weeks to my in-laws. This before we told them we were expecting…

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