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    My friend has a step son, who is becoming so out of control and he is being verbally abusive to her. When her husband is around he acts like such a saint. He has been teaching his younger brother, which is my friend and her husband’s child who has just entered 4 to say really nasty things to her.
    For example, she overheard him once telling the little boy to say “mommy I hate you” yes it may be something simple, but for a mother to hear that is not correct.
    She has been crying herself sick on end and her husband believes that she is merely overreacting, I did ask her to speak to him [the husband] on many occasions and she did but he still claimed she was overreacting and the son was just being naughty like any other boys.
    I did advise her to go for counciling or speak to a pastor at church [they are Christians], he refused point blank.
    I am so tired of feeling so helpless 


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    Unfortunately I have no advice or experience here. I would however record that hellion and play it to the father.

    They old saying of kill them with kindness also comes to mind. Once she is calm enough to think logically. As this is enough for me to commit a crime already..


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    Hi Anri, she is encountering anxiety attacks on an ongoing basis.
    She has tried to record him and this has not worked in her favor either.
    This has caused a rift between her husband and herself.
    Whenever we go to visit or if they come over, the oldest son acts so obidient. It really comes as a shock to us when I hear all the arguments that they experience.
    She is currenrly in contact with his biological mother which is a complete dead end.
    I will always be around for her to vent, but I think this is going to leave a life long scar emotionally.
    She has decided to path ways with her husband for a short period, she has moved in with her mom on Friday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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