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    Lately, my nipples have been very sore from breastfeeding. I want advise from other moms that have gone through this. What helped ease the soreness? Is there something that I should try differently when feeding? Is there an easy way to eliminate this?


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    I believe there is topical medicine for that problem. You have to shop around to look at the ingredients they contain and see which is suitable for you. The suitable ones really do soothe them nips. You can also consult your doctor since the doctor would know your medical history best.

    I don’t think there is anything else you can try differently when feeding. Over time, with the friction and suction, it happens. Do you have sensitive skin? I think it could be painful for people with sensitive skin.

    I don’t think this problem can be eliminated. I am very sad that other than sucking, my baby also bit on my nipples. After some months with his teeth starting to grow, the biting really got too painful and I had to stop breastfeeding. I was so sad. I really wanted to nurse him for a long time.


    Lynne Huysamen

    You said your baby is a month old @tiredmom? Then try laser treatment, it worked like a charm for me! You should be able to get that done at your nearest hospital. I had such sore nipples with my first baby, they became cracked and I nearly gave up breastfeeding. When I got laser treatment they healed within 24 hours!

    With my son I went to have one laser treatment session before he was born and one after he was born while I was still in the hospital and while my nipples became a little sensitive in the beginning they never actually became painful.

    Oh I remember that so clearly, it was awful. In the meantime until you can have laser treatment you can actually soothe your nipples by rubbing your own breast milk into them. There are so many amazing things you can use your breast milk for.


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    Am only pregnant and my nipples is so painfully.


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    I remember that pain! People seem to tell you all about what to expect but seem to leave out this. How sore your boobs get and then the nipples. Omw! What I found worked for me all those years ago was a nipple cream in a light purple type. I can’t for the life of me remember the name now. But it was alot more expensive than all the other nipple creams I had but it worked phenomally for me.

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