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    Need a good sippy! We have a little toddler who wrecks every kind we have tried. The ones with valves – he throws so hard that the valve pops out. The nuby ones with the rubber top – he pushes the top inside out and pours water out. Some mamas recommended Munchkin Click Lock Bite Proof Sippy Cup and said it is a bite-proof and spill-proof lock-tight sippy but these are the ones we have now that not only leaks but he pushes the top through and makes it turn inside out. And he bites the top and the little slits for the water are now broken! Thereafter we are hesitant to buy more Munchkin products even though other mamas recommended their weighted straw cups and miracle 360 cups that are spoutless.

    One mommy with a pair of boys who are tough on sippy cups said Gerber Graduates Fun Grips Hard Spout Sippy Cup is the only one she has used that doesn’t spill at all. Another said Replay cups are no spill and actually no spill. And hard plastic! There are also contigo water bottles which can be found at Target and Costco.

    What really caught my eye is this Litecup though. It’s kind of more expensive but it’s spill proof and has a nightlight built in it with batteries that last a long time. I admit I’m caught by the novelty of the nightlight lol

    Does anyone has other good ideas on a Wreck-It-Ralph-proof sippy?

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