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    Some of my friends’ kids do not sleep through the night but wake up screaming, like they have had a bad nightmare, and won’t stop crying. Nothing makes them feel better then and they cry and throw themselves back. Really heartbreaking for mommies as we cannot calm them down and are so helpless watching our babies seemingly in so much pain.

    This usually happens around a year old so it could be growing pains. Some thought perhaps their kids are teething and give infant Motrin before bed to ease the hurt. One figured out it was a stomachache and the only thing that could calm him down was putting him in the shower. For the rest, we can only conclude it is night terrors.

    Night terrors suck. Why do kids have night terrors even when nobody in the family watches horror movies? The kids would scream uncontrollably and nothing we do would stop it. Some of them never even actually wake up, it’s like they are still asleep when it is happening! What can we do other than just holding our babies and letting them know we are there and they are okay?


    Lynne Huysamen

    I suffered from night terrors as a child and both my children have had night terrors. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with nightmares. My problem when I was a toddler was that I wasn’t getting enough sleep and I was always overtired then when I did fall asleep I would fall into such a deep sleep that I wouldn’t wake up when I had night terrors. Then because I had night terrors I would not sleep well and be tired and the cycle got worse and worse until I doctor put me on medication so I could sleep properly.

    To this day I have problems with sleep and I am on medication to sleep.

    I have found with my daughter that if she was overtired when she went to bed she was much more likely to have night terrors. It is so scary and tiring to have to deal with night terrors. She had them often for about a year but thankfully now she only seldom has night terrors.

    My son has had night terrors but just a few times, he is much better sleeper than my daughter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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