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    Personally, I don’t think wearing makeup will make you prettier.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and skincare products and all those goodies – but they don’t define me and they don’t determine my beauty.
    Every girl or lady basically are beautiful. I just try to be thankful for being this awesome by staying natural.
    I feel like there’s nothing more I should ask for. But yes, as a lady, it’s a must to stay clean and look good. That’s why I really thank those who produce baby powder, since this is my top self-grooming-stuff up until now.
    I even never know how BB cream looks like. Before being off to bed, I wear a facial foam to eliminate dead-skin cells, dirt, oils and pore impurities. This is also refreshing my face.

    As a complement to make me stay fresh is lip balm. I wear this for my lip therapy since the skin on our lip is thinner than the other part and it loses moisture faster. Then it will be prone to dry and dull.
    The only makeup you need is a happiness. 😊

    P.S. I do use make up for weddings or special occasions…


    Elize Swanepoel
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    I love wearing make up and I do so on a daily basis.

    I feel more self-confident when I’m wearing make up, but it’s my personal choice.

    I think all women have natural beauty and there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your best features with make up.

    But then you get those women that really plaster the make up on and end up looking much older than they really are, so basically it has the opposite effect of what they are trying to achieve.

    I usually don’t wear make up when I’m at home or just quickly going to our nearby Spar. But for work and going out I always wear make up.

    Not wearing make up is actually better for your skin. So if you don’t have to wear it and you’re confident wearing just your natural beauty, then I say go for it. Your skin will thank you for it and I agree with you that make up does not make a person beautiful. It can enhance your best features.

    But I am a true believer that beauty is only skin deep.

    Real beauty in my book comes from a pure heart and good character.


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    Thank you @Elize for reading my post and a wonderful response.

    I do agree with you beauty is skin deep, just like the old saying, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

    Every individual is different, perhaps if I had the time on a daily basis I would try using make up more often.
    I am not a professional when it cones to applying make up.

    The cost of foundation is gone through the roof.
    There are so many new brands that have flooded the market recently.


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    I only use make-up on special occasions like a black tie event at my husbands work or a wedding etc.

    I don’t use makeup everyday. I work in an office and not in the public eye so I feel excessive makeup is not necessary.

    I do believe it is each to their own on this one. It’s either for you or it’s not.

    Some ladies like to plaster it on and others use minimal makeup. I think if it gives you confidence and makes you feel good then go for it. For me though, it think I will skip it for now.


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    @claudia, you are really my kind of girl.

    True beauty lies within.

    What really gets to me is the new Photoshop applications that are available on mobile phones, people have been filtering pictures of themselves to such an extent that they look like a total different person in reality.
    People need to be confident the way they are.

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