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    Because of the incident that happened , a bunch of mommies were gathered at my place to organise how we could help out a fellow mommy. We were busy and one mommy, not fully understanding what her 2-year-old asked, she just said yes. Well, he asked could he color on my walls.

    We tried soap water and bleach water. It was impossible. One suggested lemon oil but I ran out of that. Someone went home and got Magic Eraser. It worked great! Didn’t ruin paint or anything. Another mommy mentioned she uses Eraser Cleaner Magic Melamine Sponge Cleaning and said it’s the same as the Magic Eraser but much cheaper. You would just wet them and scrub off like you would with the Magic Eraser. I have yet to try that though and hopefully wouldn’t need it.

    Does anyone have any other tips and tricks to get pencil and crayon off walls? I believe most mommies might encounter this. Would be nice to know what works!


    Lynne Huysamen

    Oh yes loads of moms can do with this information, every mommy is sure to have some artwork on her walls at some stage.

    I have heard that you can use mayonnaise, just rub some on and let it soak for a while then wash it off.

    The other method is to use vinegar. I use vinegar for so many things around the house and yes sometimes I also put it in my food too.

    I love knowing the tips and tricks to use things that are already in my home since it is hard to have other things that you may or may not need and you can never plan for everything!


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    My son wrote on the wall once and i make him clean everything out and not to live a single spot on the wall, he was so tired after that but he learn his leasson, and since then he never wrote on the wall again.


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    Apparently using a hair dryer to heat the crayon and then wiping it off works. I’ve been lucky I’ve never had to try it tho ?

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