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    Just out of curiosity, how much do you mammas spend on diapers and wipes a month? Our 3-month-old spends about $50 a month. Just wondering if that’s about average, more, or less. Buying the big box of diapers and wipes – pampers $35 and pampers sensitive (big box of 7 packs) $12. Seems like some mamas do it online to save more or at Costco where without sales it’s $30 a month for both diapers and wipes. When sale, it’s like $27 a month. Target brand (up and up) their sensitive skin brand is said to work better than Pampers and Huggies? For size 3 160 count diapers it’s $21 and a box of 450 wipes at $9 where the diapers last about 6 weeks and the wipes about 10-12 weeks. So it’s only $20 a month. I guess as they age, they need less changing so about 3-4 times a day. More of poopy.


    Lynne Huysamen

    I have no idea what diapers cost in USD since I am in South Africa and my kids have been out of nappies for a while now.

    I remember at one stage when both my kids were in nappies at the same time I was spending about R1200 a month in total. That is about $100 since the exchange rate is about R12 or R13 to the USD.

    The wet wipes that I really loved, and sometimes still buy for sticky fingers is Johnsons unfragranced wipes… but geez they are so expensive at nearly R40 a pack depending on where you buy them. If you buy the pack of 3 you could sometimes get that for about R90 so it worked out to R30 a pack. I haven’t bought that 3 pack for over a year now though so it could be much more pricey.

    I used Pampers Premium for my daughter and then I switched to Huggies Gold for my son. So I was buying the most expensive nappies for my babies but they really were the best for them at the time.

    There were diapers that cost a lot less but they leaked, broke or gave them diaper rashes which was very unpleasant. Some of the cheaper nappies also left red marks on my babies legs which bothered me a lot.

    I bought all my nappies online from Takealot. The pricing was really good, plus the big bonus was free delivery to my door. I struggled with going shopping with a baby and a toddler so having my nappies delivered was a blessing.


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    I bought Both nappies and wipes for R500 i hopefully it will last a month or so.

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