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    Hi everyone!

    I started on Kaboutjie recently and so far have found it quite inspiring.
    I am a single mom with a six-and ten-year old (both girls). I work full-time at a job that I do not always enjoy. But I do enjoy escaping to Kaboutjie now and then to see what other moms are doing, thinking and feeling.

    Looking forward to much more.



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    Welcome Githa.
    Motherhood is a rollercoaster and is so enjoyable when all can share their stories.


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    Hi @giets,
    Welcome to Kaboutjie, I also find I get slightly pulled into this site and when I look again, an hour or so has passed. It only gets worse 😛 I too, am I single Mom of a five year old little girl. I also work full time and I take my hat off to you for raising two little ones. I battle with just my one so I can only imagine. I still get a lot of help from her dad regarding taking her to school in the morning and such so I am very lucky in that regard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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