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    When I was young, about 9 years old, my mom bought me a mocha frappe from Starbucks. I took a few sips and literally puked. From then on, I thought I was allergic to coffee and never tried it again until…

    I had become a mom and I was so drained I did not know how to go on being so exhausted. I just wanted to lay in bed all day and rest but I couldn’t because I had to do the morning routine for baby and then we needed to go food shopping for us. I really needed something to perk me up. As I was walking through the aisles as a zombie, there was a lady promoting coffee and gave me a sample cup. I took a sip, it’s not too bad, prolly acquired taste. But soon after, I felt it – I became a super human! I decided to buy some coffee, after all the lady told me how beneficial this beverage is with antioxidants and preventing constipation.

    It wasn’t long before I became addicted to coffee. I didn’t only drink it when I’m tired anymore. I drank it every morning to wake my system up. Gradually that one cup in the morning wasn’t sufficient. When I became tired in the afternoon, I drank more. From one cup to two to three, hitting a maximum of 5 servings a day. By then I was not only a super human but a super hero! Not only could I complete all tasks in a fraction of the time I used to, but I still had energy and time to spend quality time with baby!

    However when I noticed my hands and then my body shivering for no reason and I seemed to be having heart palpitations and panic attacks, that I realized I was drinking too much coffee. Of course I had to reduce my caffeine intake. It wasn’t easy and until now I am at 2 servings per day and sometimes I down that 2 servings in the morning because my eyes simply wouldn’t open. I am now a normal human with normal capabilities. Of course I get tired later in the day and am very tempted to drink more but I control myself. My aim is to go down to one serving a day and then hopefully reach my goal of not relying on coffee anymore and well maybe just drink a little when I’m tired or need that extra perk me up. I know it will be quite a while before my goal can be reached.

    Please share with me about your experience with coffee!


    Lynne Huysamen

    Geez @mabel I can totally relate. Coffee really is addictive, I know because I have had my coffee addictions too.

    I gave up smoking over a year ago and immediately I cross addicted into coffee (and sugar too) – I can honestly say that your 5 cups a day is nothing compared to where I went with my coffee! I felt positively awful.

    I am now down to about 3 cups a day which is probably ok, but certainly better than where I was.

    Coffee addiction is a very real thing, I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict so I have been in treatment for addiction.I later also worked in an addiction treatment center. It is crazy to see how some addicts hit that coffee when there are no drugs and alcohol available.

    Yes coffee can be great to perk you up and give a bit of energy but it is easy to overdo it. I often crave coffee.


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    I love my cup of coffee but its usually one or two a day.

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