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    At what age should a toddler stop drinking bottle?

    My boy (almost 3) no longer takes a bottle to school, but at home he wants it. He also has 2-3 bottles through the night.

    I have tried just giving water to wean him but he screams blue murder. He drinks from a sippy cup too, and a cup (with a straw) but nighttime he wants his bottle…


    Lynne Huysamen

    I don’t know when the “right” time is to stop the night bottle. I can’t even remember when we stopped my daughter drinking milk during the night but I can remember it was a huge problem. She was waking up 5 – 6 times a night and wouldn’t go back to sleep without a bottle. Plus with that amount of milk during the night her nappy would start leaking and often burst.

    The first step I took is to explain to her that she is big and soon she would only be allowed 1 bottle when I put her to bed at night, if she wakes up after that she is big and doesn’t get a bottle anymore. I told her I would buy her a special toy to sleep with her instead. I told her this every day for a week and then took her out on a Saturday morning to choose her “special toy”. She chose a huge Eeyore ๐Ÿ™‚

    That night I reminded her that she only gets her bottle when she goes to bed and tucked her in with Eeyore and told her he will keep her company if she wakes up and promised her if she couldn’t sleep without her bottle I would sit with her until she does sleep.

    The first 2 nights were a bit rough….. BUT after that she started sleeping much better than she ever has.

    Then at the beginning of this year I wanted to wean my son from breastfeeding. I also wanted to start my daughter sleeping without a nappy. I told her that her brother is growing up and he is going to have a bottle like a baby does after boob. I also told her that if she wants to be big and sleep with no nappy she can;t have a bottle. I just asked her every night if she wanted to sleep with no nappy until one night she said yes and I told her then she can’t have her bottle. That night she chose a nappy and bottle after all lol. The next night she chose no bottle or nappy. Some nights she had the bottle, some nights not.

    It took quite a while though. Last time she had a bottle was probably around February this year and she is now 3 1/2.


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    My son is 3 and only just stopped night bottles. It was hard to get him off, took maybe 3 nights of crying. He sleeps much better now and the leaking nappies have stopped. I think with boys leaking nappies it often has to do with the way their bits are pointed!


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    I don’t think there is an age set for children to stop night bottle, both the 10 and 5 year old stopped just after 2 years. I would prepare their bottles for them, but they would just sleep through out the night and end up not drinking their milk.

    I cant say the same for the 4 month old coz she loves her bottle, I think she will definitely go beyond 3 years


    Holly Lopez
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    Most likely, it varies for every child, depending on their own emotional development.

    My own son is still taking night bottles, just one though. He is weaned and doesn’t take bottles during the daytime but is very fussy and won’t even go to sleep at night.

    I was reading how it’s bad for their teeth if they have milk in the bottle as that rots the enamel. I think that’s true, so I’m likely going to be just using water in the bottle from now on.

    I would like some feedback from other moms about this issue.


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    It definitely varies for each child and each parent. For me, I stop bottle feeding at 2 years old.

    I let them kow that they are ‘big boys/girls’ and mnove on to sippy cups or normal cups (depending on the child). I do have two to four terrioble nights that follow ๐Ÿ™‚ … but once that passes, all is well.


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    My son has never really taken to bottles or dummies but he s now 3 years old and just off the breast for about 3 and a half months


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    My daughter stopped having the night time bottles around 3 years old something. I don’t remember exactly when but it made a huge difference, for her not having to deal with either getting up at night or a wet diaper. Though even around that age, she was still asking for a bottle during the daytime not for nutrition but for comfort.


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    Oh God my son it’s 5 years and he never sleeps without drinking his bottle inside his blanket if I don’t make for him he will wake me up and says you forget to make me milk woke up


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    Im only on 8 months a while still before i can think of that there moms that say 2 years but im not sure.


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    I think it’s good when you want to stop breastfeeding that when you use the bottle so the baby can be used to it and be easy for you not to breastfeed anymore

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